News and Media Relations

The Communications Team maintains relations with press and media on behalf of the University, circulating and disseminating information internally and externally, while closely monitoring Arcadia’s presence in the world.

Campus News

University Relations publishes news to News is delivered via e-mail to members of the campus community once a week during the academic year. Select in-depth stories are produced for Arcadia, the University’s alumni magazine.

Media Requests

University Relations is the primary and sole press and media relations office on campus. All media requests (print, electronic, and other) should be forwarded to Daniel DiPrinzio, Director of Communications before being answered. The Communications Team works closely with news media and other external media outlets on publicizing Arcadia news and events; on connecting faculty, staff, students, and other campus members with media outlets, when appropriate; and responding to media requests.

Faculty Expertise

University Relations wants to promote faculty and staff expertise and publicize scholarship and research. Faculty who would like to pursue press coverage and publication are encouraged to use the News & Information Services form to input their expertise, publications, and other related information to help University Communications publicize such successes and knowledge. We will use this information to connect faculty with journalists searching for experts.

Social Media

Arcadia University maintains a presence on various social media sites, publishing relevant news, photos, videos, stories, and emergency communications to the community. The Arcadia University Facebook page has more than 10,000 subscribers, including alumni, faculty, staff, parents, media, and current and prospective students around the world.

Join the Conversation

Arcadia University maintains a presence on various social media sites, including the following:

Use and Monitoring of Social Media

Important Note: Individuals are responsible for their own information and behavior on the Web, including social media. Arcadia staff members do not monitor students' online pages and are not responsible for student behavior online. But when staff members are made aware of or view pages and become aware of online information, they will follow the same policies and procedures described in the Student Handbook. Smart is as smart does. For prospective students already admitted to the University, respectfully, we're pausing here to remind you not to do (or say) anything that may prove embarrassing to you. In other words, we do reserve the right to re-visit your admission decision.

Event Publicity

Our office coordinates and promotes major University events, such as Commencement, Honors Convocation, and special community events sponsored or supported by the University. More about event planning and publicity.

Announcements and Accolades

Students, faculty, staff, or other members of the Arcadia University community who wish to publicize success stories should contact the Communications team, who will strategize on the appropriate development and release of the stories.

University Relations also offers the community time to coordinate their message and prepare for their interview. We will also vet the reporter, and may know him/her, and ensure the story direction, as well as find out if they have other stories in the works.

Communication Resources

Speaking to the Press

University in a State of Crisis or Other Concerns

University Relations supports faculty and staff when speaking to press on their proven area of expertise. Conversely during a time of crisis, if faculty or staff of Arcadia are contacted for a statement on behalf of the University or matters that involve the institution as a whole, journalists must be referred to University Relations. Our internal team will determine the appropriate representative or statement for the institution.

Crisis Communications

During the coordination of emergency response on Arcadia University’s campus, University Relations is the primary contact for all media (reporters, inquiries, interview requests.)

Crisis Contacts
  • During office hours call University Relations at 215-572-2969;
  • After-hours text or call Laura Baldwin, Vice President for Marketing and Communications, cell: 215-847-9403.
Communications Channels

For the Arcadia Community to receive updates during an emergency situation include the following:

  • Local media outlets — Arcadia will send regular updates to the local stations in the Greater Philadelphia area in the event of university closings or serious emergency situations. (ie: NBC 10, ABC6, CBS3, KYW)
  • Arcadia University — Information will be posted via several methods to the Arcadia Community: on the Emergency Information site in the Arcadia Active Alerts box, through Arcadia University e-mail accounts, via the campus phone messaging systems, as well as on MyArcadia Main Page (password-protected portal).
  • Emergency Notification System — Arcadia students and University employees may receive information (emergencies and closings) by text and/or phone message through Arcadia's Emergency Notification System, SendWordNow.
  • Facebook — Arcadia University Facebook page
  • Twitter — Arcadia University page