Welcome to Qualtrics

Academic Affairs, the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP), and the Committee on Protection of Research Subjects (COPRS) are pleased to announce the purchase of the institutional site license for Qualtrics, Arcadia’s new campus-wide survey software.  In addition to the site license, the following add-ons were purchased: Salesforce Integration, Instructure Integration, and SMS Integration (50,000 text messages). Qualtrics is available for use by students, faculty, and staff of Arcadia University. Student use is limited to official university activities such as coursework/research under supervision of faculty members or student activities under the supervision of student life staff.

What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool. With Qualtrics, users can collect, analyze, and present survey data.

Benefits of Qualtrics
  • It is highly customizable and user-friendly
  • The flexible question format allows for incorporation of media such as graphics, videos, and audio clips.
  • Users can share surveys and data with colleagues, even if they do not have a Qualtrics account.
  • Data can be presented in professional quality graphs. Users can also export it to Microsoft office or PDF.

Qualtrics Terms of Use Guidelines

Qualtrics is available at no cost to faculty, staff, and students of Arcadia University.  It is important to remember that Qualtrics is restricted to University-related work.  Please refer to the Acceptable Use Policy 07-20-16 (AUP) to ensure that you follow University procedures when administering surveys and collecting data. Qualtrics Terms of Use Guidelines outlines university expectations and user responsibilities.

All users will be required to obtain permission from the designated approver of a college, school, or administrative department before the survey is distributed. It's important to locate the approver for your administrative unit first. When the survey is ready for distribution, the user will be redirected to the page to select the name of the designated approver for the specific administrative unit.

Human Subjects Research

Please note that research involving human subject participants must be approved by the Institutional Review Board for the survey to be distributed. IRB guidelines that govern the approval of the human subject research could be found at the IRB Guidelines and Forms page. 

Karen Russo, OSRP/COPRS Senior Coordinator, is authorized to provide approval for the distribution of surveys associated with the IRB approved protocols.  Surveys which do not require IRB approval are subject to approval procedures within respective colleges, schools, and administrative units. Approvers from each of these units are responsible to follow these procedures.

Getting Started

You can log into Qualtrics and use your Arcadia credentials. If you are already logged into MyArcadia, then you will be asked to either create Qualtrics account or choose the existing one.  If you previously had Qualtrics account, the system will perform an automatic migration.

Use of other survey platforms

The university made a substantial effort to identify a platform which is user-friendly and is widely utilized by other institutions. Furthermore, Qualtrics came highly recommended by Arcadia faculty. Therefore, no other survey platforms will be purchased by the university.


Qualtrics Support has made available a step-by-step guide for learning the basics.  Qualtrics Support also offers several options for client training including webinars and virtual training.