Sponsored Research and Programs

What We Do

The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP) teams up with faculty and staff members in order to:

  • Support their efforts in obtaining external grants and contracts awarded to the University for research and programs related to the missions of the University; and
  • Help project directors and investigators with pre- and post-award activities
  • Provide administrative support and oversight of university-authorized research and projects that involve human participants and animal subjects through the Committee on Protection of Research Subjects (COPRS)
  • Provide advice and recommendations on issues related to grant administration
  • Develop policies related to Sponsored Research Administration to ensure compliance with government regulations

How We Can Assist Your Research Endeavors

We are here to help faculty and staff in all stages of securing and managing grants and awards. The sooner we hear from you, the more extensive our help can be, so please contact us as early as possible when planning to apply for funding.

Please also be aware that the University Routing Committee must approve grant proposals and award applications BEFORE they can be submitted for external funding. Our office will coordinate review with the Routing Committee.

Our assistance includes:

  • Searching for funding opportunities based on research interests
  • Providing support for developing budgets, budget justifications and other documents required for submission
  • Submitting proposals to funding agencies
  • Consulting and advice regarding compliance with federal, state and local regulations
  • Managing effort certification
  • Ensuring fiscal and contractual compliance
  • Offering trainings for various issues related to grant administration and searching for funding
  • Providing assistance with reporting requirements for grants

Committee on the Protection of Research Subjects

Oversight of all on-campus and off-campus university-authorized research (funded and non-funded) that involves human participants and animal subjects is exercised by the Committee on the Protection of Research Subjects (COPRS). COPRS consists of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). This oversight is applicable to all research, research training, experimentation, biological testing, psychological testing, and related activities involving human participants or animal subjects. If you will be conducting research involving human participants or animal subjects, you must contact COPRS.

Meet Our Staff

Nataliia Shablia

Director of Sponsored Research

Charu Varma

Academic Grants Manager

Karen A. Dudley

Senior Coordinator