The Office for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Prevention & Education

The purpose of the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention and Education is to prevent incidents of sexual and gender-based violence and improve the university's response to such incidents through: Streamlining efforts to prevent and respond to sexual and gender-based violence at Arcadia University through the Coordinated Community Response Team; Reviewing policies, protocols and procedures related to those efforts; Assisting campus community members in understanding and accessing the resources and services available to them if they or someone they know have experienced sexual or gender-based violence.

Sexual & Gender-based Violence

Student Rights and Resources Brochure

The Office of Sexual Violence Prevention and Education's Student Rights and Resources 2021 Brochure is now live! Learn more about the Student Bill of Rights, Resources, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Helping you do you.

Breaking down barriers for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence

Our Focus Areas

Comprehensive Prevention

  • Oversee peer educator training and program management
  • Annual programming for Sexual Assault, Stalking and Dating/ Domestic Violence Awareness Months

Student Conduct

  • Train advisers & adjudicators
  • Develop campus understanding of the sexual misconduct process

Victim Services

  • Ensure campus community members are aware of services available to them
  • Train Public Safety personnel in sexual violence response
  • Train appropriate staff members to be trauma-informed
  • Develop a working relationship with local victim services organizations

Public Safety/Law Enforcement

  • Train Public Safety Develop a meaningful partnership between Arcadia University Department of Public Safety and law enforcement agencies
  • Annual programming for Sexual Assault, Stalking and Dating/Domestic Violence Awareness Months

Our Services


The Office of Sexual Violence Prevention and Education offers professional and peer-led workshops and programming to faculty, staff and students throughout the year on a varitopics such as bystander intervention, healthy relationships, changing campus culture, identifying warning signs and problematic behaviors, and responding to reports of sexual and gender-based violence. You can request one of our workshops on our website.


While we are not a confidential resource on campus, we are happy to meet with campus community members to discuss options and services that are available to them. We are able to discuss what kinds services certain offices offer, how university processes and policies work, how to get connected to a professional victim advocate or answer questions about how to help a friend.


The Office of Sexual Violence Prevention & Education manages GoodKnights, Arcadia's Peer Education Program. Our peer educators are nationally certified by NASPA, receive annual and ongoing training and are repsonsible for presenting peer-led workshops and planning regular campus programming. Students develop a wide-range of leadership and facilitation skills related to education, activism, social justice, and community engagement.

Become a Good Knight

Benefits of Becoming a Good Knight
  • National Peer Facilitator Certification through Student Affairs Professional in Higher Education
  • Develop leadership, group facilitation and conflict management skills
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Increase your knowledge of mental health and sexual violence
  • Increase your knowledge and experience in community organizations, education and programming

Peer Educator Class of Fall 2020 is now OPEN
Peer educator cohorts are recruited in the Spring for Fall training. If you are interested in applying, please take a look at the peer educator position description and application.

Peer Educator Job Description

Peer Educator Application

Nominate a Student to Become a Good Knight

Please email Alison Berk at with the names of students you would like to nominate to apply for a position as a peer educator. If you know it, include their email address. In addition, please indicate if it is alright if we notify the student that they were nominated by you.

What You Can Do


  • Become a trained student conduct adviser
  • Host a workshop for your department staff
  • Partner with our office to host a program Join one of the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention & Education sub-committees
  • Become a sexual misconduct hearing officer Host a workshop for your department or class
  • Join one of the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention & Education sub-committees


  • Become a sexual misconduct hearing officer
  • Host a workshop for your department or class
  • Join one of the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention & Education sub-committees
  • Add a statement (found on our website) to your syllabi regarding sexual and gender-based violence prevention


  • Become a GoodKnight Peer Educator
  • Host a workshop or program in your student group
  • Attend a workshop presented by the Office of
  • Sexual Violence Prevention & Education
  • Step in when you see sexual and gender-based violence happening or messages that perpetuate such violence

Community Members

  • Partner with student groups to support local violence prevention organizations
  • Address sexual and gender-based violence when you see it to send the message that it is not acceptable

Coordinated Community Response Team

The Arcadia University Coordinated Community Response Team is a multi-disciplinary team of both Arcadia community members and outside agencies. The team is tasked with overseeing the work of the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention and Education. The members of this team each serve on a subcommittee (Public Safety/Law Enforcement, Comprehensive Prevention, Victim Services, or Student Conduct). Sub-committees meet once per month and the CCRT at-large meets once per semester. Should you wish to learn more about joining the CCRT, please contact Sabrina Glass at

Rights, Resources and Reporting Options

One of the functions of the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention & Education is to assist individuals in identifying what resource might be right for them. We are not a confidential resource, but can provide information on how to report to the institution or to law enforcement, connect individuals to counseling and advocacy services prior to reporting, during the reporting process, after reporting or without reporting at all, and how to get involved in prevention efforts.

The ONLY confidential resources on campus are Counseling Services and Student Health Services. Please understand that all other campus employees are mandated reporters and have an obligation to report certain incidents to the Arcadia University Title IX Office. Should you have questions about your mandated reporting obligations, please contact Nora Nelle, Title IX Coordinator at

Office of Equity & Civil Rights

(215) 517- 2659
777 Limekiln Pike,  Suite 112

  • Serves as centralized reporting office for all sexual misconduct allegations made to the University
  • Provides accommodations for survivors of sexual violence (e.g. housing, academic, etc.)

Counseling Services

(215) 572- 2967
Heinz Hall, Ground Floor

  • Provides confidential counseling services
  • Provides consultation, educational programs and outreach to the larger campus community

Student Health Services

(215) 572- 2966
Heinz Hall, Ground Floor

  • Provides ambulatory medical services to students
  • Employs two certified Nurse Practitioners

Care includes:

  • Acute sick visits
  • Women's health visits
  • STD testing
  • Prescription renewal (except psychiatric medications)

Victim Services of Montgomery County

(610) 277-0932
325 Swede St., 2nd Floor Norristown, PA

Counseling services include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Crisis counseling
  • Support groups 

Advocacy services include:

  • Hospital/court/police accompaniment
  • Assistance with victim impact statements
  • Assistance with victim's compensation claims
  • Assistance with crime victims notification


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