Marks, Names, and Logos

The following marks, names, and logos of Arcadia University and Beaver College are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. Visit branding tools and identity for usage guide and permissions.

Use of Arcadia Marks, Names, and Logos

Faculty, staff, and students may use the University’s marks, names, and logos to identify themselves on matters of official University business. Use of the University name for private purposes by a current or former member of the faculty, staff, or student body is limited solely to identification (e.g. “John Doe, Professor of Physics, Arcadia University,” or John Doe, Class of ‘80, Arcadia University).

Arcadia University marks, names, and logos shall not be used by individuals or entities otherwise in a manner that implies University endorsement or responsibility for particular activities, products, or publications involved, or by any individual group promoting itself, without the express written permission of the University. Any and all use of the University marks, names, and logos for commercial purposes is prohibited unless approved by University Relations.