Reporting an Incident of Sexual Misconduct

How Can I Make a Report?

An individual who has experienced an incident of sexual misconduct may decide whether or not to report and how to navigate any process. An individual who has experienced sexual misconduct has a voice at each step to say when and how to proceed. For example, a Complainant does not have to decide whether to pursue formal resolution methods or to provide the name(s) the other party(ies) involved when making a report. Reporting does not mean a Complainant wishes to pursue disciplinary action or is required to participate in any process. The University will make every effort to support a Complainant’s wishes and will do so with the limited exception when the University must take action to protect the safety of the community.

What Does Reporting Mean?

Reporting means to provide Arcadia with information about an incident of sexual misconduct. Upon receiving a report, the Title IX Team will act reasonably, appropriately and fairly, providing a prompt and equitable response in order to support the individuals involved and to protect the University community. For individuals who have experienced sexual misconduct, the decision whether or not to report sexual misconduct can be difficult. There are confidential support resources on campus and in the community available to individuals who are not yet ready to make a report to the University.

Why Report?

Reporting an issue allows Arcadia to provide individuals with resources, support, and accommodations available at the University. Reporting can help individuals, but it also can help prevent the recurrence of any future sexual misconduct. Reporting allows the University to assess for patterns of behavior and systemic issues and address immediate threats to the safety of the community.

Where Can I Bring a Report?

Arcadia University recognizes that an individual may make a report with someone they feel most comfortable. Arcadia provides several designated reporting spaces for community members to bring concerns and reports of alleged sexual misconduct. If an individual who has experienced sexual misconduct would like to make a report, he/she/they may do so by contacting one of the following on-campus designated reporting options:

Reporting Options

  • Arcadia Public Safety Director: Ruth Evans, 215- 572-2900, Dilworth Hall
  • Director of OECR/Title IX Coordinator: Nora Nelle, 215-517-2659, 777 Limekiln Pike, Ground Floor
  • Dean of Students: Andrew Goretsky, 215-572-2934, Commons, 2nd Floor

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

  • Tim Barton, The College of Global Studies, 215-572-4070,
  • Erin Livingston, Athletics, 267-620-4856, Kuch Center,
  • Dian Taylor-Alleyne, Student Affairs, 215-572-2932, Knight Hall,
  • To Be Assigned, The College of Global Studies, 215-572-2900, Larsen Hall
  • To Be Assigned, Human Resources, 215-572-2173, 782 Limekiln Pike
  • To Be Assigned, Office of Access, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, 215-572-4088, Taylor Hall