Poster Printing Request Form

Printing Guidelines

These guidelines must be followed in order for Mail and Print to print out your poster:

  • Electronic copy of your poster must be ready to submit this form.
  • If you are requesting a thesis poster you must have approval from your Faculty Mentor before submitting this form.
  • Submit your poster file as a PDF. Please note that posters can be created using Microsoft Publisher or PowerPoint (available on campus lab and most office PCs) and converted to PDF format.
  • Create the poster at the size you would like the the poster printed (i.e. if you want a 30x40 poster, the document size must be 30x40). You will be charged a $5 fee if the file is not properly formatted.
  • You authorize a charge to be placed on your account to cover the printing cost of a poster for your thesis presentation.
  • Mail and Print requires 24 hours notice to print a poster. Same day service is available for an additional $5 fee.
  • The prices below are for posters printed on regular paper. Cardstock or glossy paper is available for an additional $5 fee.
  • Mail and Print will contact you by telephone or email when your poster is ready for pick-up.
  • If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the printed poster you've received for a reason that is under your control, your account will be assessed an additional charge for each additional printing.
  • Contact Mail and Print with questions at 215-572-2109, or stop by the Dining Complex, 1st Floor.
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