Course Evaluations

Student Course Evaluations

Towards the end of the semester and prior to finals week, the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRE) sends invitations to students to evaluate the courses they are enrolled in during the semester. After students have completed their evaluations and final grades have been submitted, course evaluation results are made available to the dean of the college, department chairs, program directors, and instructors.

With the exception of a few courses in the Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant programs, most courses evaluations will be administered on the following dates:

Course Evaluation Schedule Open Period
Spring 2021 May 3 – May 10 (Reading Day is May 10)
Summer 2021 TBD
Fall 2021 Dec. 6 – Dec. 13 (Reading Day is Dec. 14)
Spring 2022 Apr. 25 – May 2 (Reading Day is May 3)
Summer 2022 TBD

Course Evaluation Survey Instruments

Course Evaluation Results


Who do I contact If I have questions about my course evaluations?

If you have any questions about your course evaluations, please contact the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at

Are course evaluations anonymous?

Yes. Your answers to the evaluation surveys are anonymous and confidential. Your login information is used solely to ensure that you are registered for the course and that you submit only one evaluation for each course.The evaluation reports provided to instructors contain aggregated information and no specific responses or ratings can be traced back to individual students.The only way a student’s identity might be compromised would be if they were to write something identifying in the comments section. 

Are course evaluations mandatory?

Participation in evaluations is voluntary. However, your feedback is a valued resource and essential for instructional development at Arcadia University. 

 If course evaluations are not mandatory, why should I complete them?

Your feedback is vital to the success of Arcadia University. Results of evaluations are used by faculty to make changes in both the content and delivery of the course. University administrators use the evaluation results to make personnel decisions (e.g., as part of performance reviews and faculty promotion/tenure process). Every student is expected to provide feedback for every course enrolled.

Will the results of the course evaluations affect my grades?

No.  Reports will not be available to instructors until all grades have been posted.

How Do I Access My Course Evaluations?

Students can access their course evaluations through one of two options:

Option 1: Email

Students will receive a personalized e-mail link sent to their Arcadia University e-mail address one to two days before course evaluations open.

Option 2: Accessing through Canvas

Course evaluations are administered through Canvas. When you log in to Canvas, a pop-up should appear letting you know your course evaluations are available for completion. Click ‘Go To Survey’ to be brought directly to your course evaluations.

Course Evaluation access through Canvas

You can also access your course evaluations in Canvas by selecting ‘Account’, then selecting ‘Course Evaluations.’

Accessing course evaluations in Canvas account

Who sends emails related to my course evaluations in EvaluationKIT?

Course evaluation announcements, reminders, and results notifications are sent by Arcadia University Course Evaluations, 

Who do I contact if I complete my course evaluations incorrectly?

If a student needs their course evaluation reset due to errors such as using an incorrect scale (e.g. indicating “Strongly disagree” when they mean “Strongly agree”), please contact the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at Please note, survey resets may only be done while the course evaluation window is open. After the survey closes, changes can not be made.

Can students change their course evaluation responses after they receive their grades?

No. Once a student submits a course evaluation, they are unable to access it again.

Can I fill out course evaluations after the evaluation period is over?

No. Course evaluations must be completed before grades are available to students. The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness is not able to grant extensions for students due to missed deadlines.

I completed my evaluations.  Why am I still receiving reminders?

Reminders are sent to students with any incomplete evaluations.  It’s possible that you “completed” an evaluation but did not submit it. Please log into Canvas and confirm that you have submitted all of your evaluations. 

Course Evaluation Task Force

Made up of staff and faculty from across Academic Affairs, the Course Evaluation Task Force guides the implementation and review of practices and policies around course evaluations at Arcadia. The Task Force's work generates collaborative discussion of the course assessment tool, its uses, and its implementation with the Arcadia community, which results in the development and effective use of the data collected.

Sandra M. Crenshaw

Associate Provost and Accreditation Liaison Officer

Associate Provost and Accreditation Liaison Officer

Ann Tokay Harrington

Associate Professor

Faculty, Physical Therapy

Bridget M Miller

Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Christopher A. Binckley

Associate Professor

Faculty, Biology

Daniel L. Schall

Instructor / Director of the Writing Center

Faculty, English, Director of the Writing Center

John A. Noakes

Associate Professor/Interim Dean

Faculty, Interim Director School of Education

Kaitlyn Gamber

Assistant Professor / Academic Coordinator

Faculty, Medical Science

Katherine S. Moore

Associate Professor

Faculty, Psychology

Kristen Ives

Associate Director, Institutional Reporting & Decision Analytics

Associate Director, Institutional Reporting & Decision Analytics

Raghu Kurthakoti

Associate Professor / Chair

Faculty, Chair of School of Global Business