Go Green Printing

In 2018-19, students printed more than 1.6 million sheets of paper on campus. This year, groups around campus have set a goal to reduce our printing waste by 35 percent. We will post updates throughout the semester on our progress.​ ​​Let's work together to minimize our paper use.

Initiative Goals

Information Technology is enabling a first step toward the promotion of green, sustainable living at Arcadia, reducing printing waste with measurable savings by:

  • Providing students with more preferred options and locations for printing.
  • Reducing costs.
  • Incorporating security.
  • Identifying unaddressed needs within programs and/or individual abusers.
  • Re-directing required high-volume color printing to the Print Shop.
  • Increasing quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Impact and Allocations

  • Students are allocated $20 per semester. This provides for up to 500 free duplex grayscale sheets per semester. 
  • This allotment will have no impact on 90 percent of students.

Print Stations

There are six print stations in Landman Library, and six additional stations will be rolled out in residence halls throughout the fall semester. We will be adding capability for online submissions from students’ personal devices, allowing for more flexibility and ease of use.

Print Pricing

  • Grayscale duplex: 4 cents per side.
  • Grayscale single-sided: 6 cents per sheet.
    • For example, a student who submits a duplex printing job for three pages will be charged 12 cents, whereas a single-sided three-page job will cost 18 cents.

Color & high-volume printing (30+ sheets) should go to the Print Shop at Mail & Print Services on the lower level of the Dining Complex. Advantages include:

  • Lower pricing
    • Grayscale duplex: 3 cents per side.
    • Grayscale single-sided: 5 cents per sheet.
    • Color sheets: 20 cents per side.
  • Ability to submit via the web or drop by.

Mail & Print will work with faculty to pre-print class materials for delivery to the Campus Store or classrooms.

PapercutMF Printing at a Glance

User Impact Sample Screen

User Impact Sample Screen

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I check my print allocation balance?

Log on to any computer that allows printing, and you will see a print client with your username and balance. You may also log on to check your balance, personal print history, print pricings, and to request refunds from failed jobs.

Will my balance roll forward?

The $20 per semester allocation will not roll forward. It will be reset each semester. However, if you purchase additional print dollars, the Office of Student Accounts will ensure your funds are rolled forward.

How do I print?

Log on to any Arcadia computer that allows printing and submit your job to the “Papercut Hold and Release” printer. From there, you can release the job at any print station on campus.

Why do I need an ID to print?

The print stations authenticate and log users in via an ID reader. This ID reader will pull your credentials and access any print jobs you submitted through your account.

How do I add more money to my print quota?

Currently, you can go to Office of Student Accounts to purchase additional funds. In the future, we will be tying in an online payment portal that you can access any time.

Can I get a refund for my print job?

Yes—any print jobs that fail due to a paper-jam, are affected by low or bad toner, or experience any other mechanical failures can be refunded through the Papercut portal. Sign in with your username and password as you would sign in to a lab computer. From there, you can view your job history and request a refund. You will need to add a comment as to why you are requesting the refund.

I printed a whole document instead of one page. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no—we can only refund jobs that have failed due to equipment errors. Please be sure to review your documents before submitting them and/or releasing them from a print station. We recommend using best practices—such as renaming documents—so you know what you are printing.

I don’t see a print station at the computer lab I am in. How do I print?

Papercut “client,” which shows your balance, will appear on any computer with print capabilities. Labs such as Brubaker 304 will release your jobs immediately. You will see your print quota decline in real-time.