Work & Welfare Committee


Advocate for the faculty’s welfare and quality of professional life. Conduct and oversee all faculty elections and relevant committee assignments.



  • Favian Guertin-Martin (CAS, Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice), Chair
  • Kate Bonin (CAS, Modern Languages)
  • Mike DeLuca (CAS, Visual & Performing Arts)
  • Dejenaba Gordon (CHS)
  • Marianne Miserandino (CAS, Psychology)
  • Celeste Walker (Graduate and Undergraduate Studies)



Sept 1, 2020: Meeting Minutes


About the Committee


  1. Voting members: at least 4 Senators (one of whom serves as Chair of the Work & Welfare Committee); 2 non-Senator appointees from the full-time faculty.
  2. Ex officio member: Faculty Senate President.
  3. Corresponding member: Provost.


  1. Build community among the faculty through various means including but not limited to academic and social events and activities.
  2. Advocate for the faculty’s welfare and quality of professional life.
  3. Conduct and oversee faculty elections.
  4. Receive and consider suggestions, proposals, and grievances from individual faculty members.  In cases of grievances submitted to the Work & Welfare Committee, the aggrieved persons may choose an adviser from the faculty to accompany them to the hearing.  If the grievance has reference to promotion or tenure, it shall be the responsibility of the Work & Welfare Committee to review the procedures which have been followed in rendering the decision, to determine whether all of the procedures have been correct, and to report its findings or recommendations to the Promotion and Tenure Committee for that committee’s further review.  It shall not be a part of the Work & Welfare Committee’s responsibility to deal with matters of substance relating to grievances affecting promotion and tenure.
  5. Select faculty members and Chairs for appointed committees of the faculty described in these By-Laws and for a special purpose and administrative University committees not described in these By-Laws on which faculty sit.
  6. Review applications from faculty for service sabbaticals.  Faculty members may apply to the Work & Welfare Committee for service sabbaticals, which excuses them from service on committees for a fixed and limited period of time.  Applications will be judged on the criteria of past service and/or current commitments.  No more than 10% of the faculty may be on service sabbaticals at one time.