Arcadia Financial Aid Initiative

The Arcadia Financial Aid Initiative (AFAI) is a strategic and student-centered program through which the University seeks to encourage philanthropy designated for financial aid support by providing a 1:1 match for donors who meet established gift minimums to either establish a new endowed scholarship or supplement an existing endowed scholarship. Through AFAI, donors can make an extraordinary impact to financially support the best academic talent, increase Arcadia’s recruitment strength, and provide equitable access to higher education to all who seek it.

Thank You to Our AFAI Donors

Specifically designed to reduce the financial burden associated with the pursuit of higher education, the Lynn Darling Hendershot ’66 Endowed Scholarship supports the recruitment and retention of the most talented Arcadia students, regardless of their financial background. 

Lynn Darling Hendershot ’66

in October 2019, Arcadia’s Chair of the Board of Trustees Alison Aaron Madsen ’85 and her husband, Howard Madsen, established The Dan and Gerri Aaron Endowed Scholarship Fund— becoming the very first donors to create an endowed fund through the Arcadia Financial Aid Initiative. In less than a year, eight additional visionary philanthropists have followed their lead in a unified effort to support the growth of the University’s endowed scholarship portfolio. Endowed gifts help to increase the number of funds as well as the size of the scholarship awards Arcadia can make available to deserving University students.

Alison Aaron Madsen ’85

Scholarships are a time-honored tradition at colleges and universities. The fund that a donor establishes to exist in perpetuity for an expressed purpose—student financial aid—can make transformational change possible for both students and the university. Endowed scholarships also can build an institution’s competitive strength in recruitment while supporting student retention efforts, fortifying a university’s student body. 

The Importance of Endowed Scholarships
  • Frances Potter Breitner ’44 Endowed Scholarship
  • Leah M. Kresge ‘55 Endowed Scholarship
  • Babette L. Cranston ’48 Endowed Scholarship
  • Dan and Gerri Aaron Endowed Scholarship*
  • Joan N. ’65 and George M. Brantz Endowed Scholarship*
  • Margaret Tillman Huskins ’68 Endowed Scholarship*
  • Holly Ludwig Pfeiffer ’66 Endowed Scholarships*
  • Kevin G. Shollenberger ’88 Endowed Scholarship*
  • Christy Ann Pierce ’71 Endowed Scholarship*
  • Susan C. Saxer Endowed Scholarship*
  • Kimberly Sterner-Stein ’88 Endowed Scholarship*
  • Sharon Foyto Smith ’67 Endowed Scholarship
  • Walter ’91 and Bonita Weber Endowed Scholarship
  • Zandra L. Maffett ’67 Endowed Scholarship
  • Susan Smyth Shenker '69 Endowed Scholarship
  • Maddy and Issac Stein Endowed Scholarship
  • Eugenia "Jean" West Endowed Scholarship (West)
  • Lynn Darling Hendershot '66 Endowed Scholarship
  • Jacqueline Lynne Cannon '68 Endowed Scholarship
  • Class of 1959 Endowed Scholarship (Mees)
  • Joan N. '65 and George M. Brantz Endowed Scholarship
  • Anonymous Endowed Scholarship 
  • Yamada-York Endowed Scholarship
  • Christine Krolick '79 Endowed Scholarship
  • Walter ’91 and Bonita Weber Endowed Scholarship
  • Jessie Lee Bryant Coleman MEd '75 Endowed Scholarship
  • Vermeiren Jackson Endowed Scholarship
  • Pradyumna Chauhan Fellowship for Graduate Study in Arts & Sciences
  • Rhoda Raider Endowed Scholarship 
  • Emily Solomon Farrell '69 Endowed Scholarship 
  • Paayal and Ajay Nair Endowed Scholarship 
  • Rieders-Breyer Endowed Scholarship 
  • John D. and Theresa P. Rollins Endowed Scholarship 
  • The Susan C. Saxer '71 Endowed Scholarship in STEM

Build a Scholarship. Help Realize a Dream.

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