Crisis Communications

Emergency Notification System

Arcadia’s Emergency Notification System, SendWordNow, is used for campus emergency announcements, including weather-related closings or delays. The system sends an e-mail and text messages to all registered users in the event of an incident posing an immediate threat to life safety.

  • The system is for students, staff, and faculty. During the registration process, you can add family members, if needed. 
  • Text, voicemail and Arcadia e-mail messages sent simultaneously to all recipients enrolled in the system.
  • Recipients reminded automatically to review contact information once a semester.

Information Sharing

The website is a resource for up-to-date information about campus alerts, emergencies, or closures.

As a situation is addressed and unfolds, in addition to the immediate personal notification of the SendWord Now system, alerts will be posted on the home page at the top of the screen (in red, yellow, or green) and posted across social media channels, as needed. Any recaps or follow up information from University can be found in the Arcadia News.

Press and Media

During the coordination of emergency response on Arcadia University’s campus, use these simple guidelines for press inquiries:

  • University Relations is the primary contact for all media (reporters, inquiries, interview requests) 
  • During office hours contact Dan DiPrinzio, director of Communications, University Relations at 215-572-2969 or; after-hours contact Dan DiPrinzio or Laura Baldwin, vice president for Marketing & Communications, cell: 215-847-9403.