COVID Updates and Information

Since January 2020, Arcadia’s COVID response teams, including public health experts and University leadership across departments, have made it a priority to facilitate a safe and healthy living, learning, and working environment for Arcadia community members. The cross-collaborative efforts include our preparedness, flexibility, and decision-making processes. As we conclude the spring 2022 semester, Arcadia looks forward to building on our successes and continuing to provide a rewarding and fulfilling experience for all University community members through summer 2022 and into the fall.

Upload Your Vaccine Record

We strongly recommend that all community members get vaccinated and boosted. 

Students, upload COVID vaccine information here: Patient Portal.

Employees, upload COVID vaccine and Booster information: iSolved platform. (Instructions here.) 

April 14: Arcadia COVID Indicators And Response Levels

During the pandemic, Arcadia University has implemented varying restrictions and recommendations designed to protect our community. Early on we published a tiered system indicating which actions would likely be taken when certain benchmarks were reached in the pandemic. To make it easier for our community to understand and follow the University's mitigation efforts, the COVID Care Team has developed a new system of COVID response levels. Read more here.

Self-Disclosure Form

Arcadia Students, staff, and faculty who have tested positive for COVID must report it through the Self-Disclosure Form.

Dashboard of COVID Cases

Arcadia's Dashboard was created to provide information about the number of confirmed COVID cases among students and employees on campus.

Looking Forward

  • Arcadia University will continue with its current COVID policies through the Summer 2022 sessions.

  • For Fall 2022, all Arcadia employees and students will be required to be “up-to-date” on vaccinations as per CDC guidelines which means one of the following:

    • You have received a full primary series of an  FDA-approved vaccine and at least one  booster

    • You started the process of receiving a full primary series of an FDA-approved vaccine in the last 5 months

  • Employees and students should upload proof they have received a full primary series of a FDA-approved vaccine and a booster shot as evidence that they have met this requirement by Aug. 1, 2022.  

  • Employees and students who wish to request  an exemption from this policy should apply by July 15, 2022.  Those who were granted an exemption for 2021-22 do not need to reapply.

  • Decisions about any additional mitigation measures for Fall 2022 will be decided in early August by the COVID Care Team and communicated to the community at that time.

These decisions will depend, in part, on the proportion of students and employees who are vaccinated. So, please upload proof that you are up-to-date.   

A safe community is one that is vaccinated, boosted, and stays home and tests when they are sick. 


COVID testing is available for students in Student Health Services.  Please call 215-572-2966 to schedule an appointment. 

Faculty and staff members who want to test should arrange testing by contacting their healthcare provider, making an appointment at an urgent care that is conducting testing, or scheduling a test with CVS, Walgreen, Rite-Aid, or LabCorp.  You can also request from Labcorp an at home Pixel PCR test: All of these options are covered by insurance. 

Free at home COVID rapid tests are also available from the federal government. 

If you believe you have symptoms related to COVID-19 please monitor your symptoms and complete a test 5 days from the last time you were with that person.  


Self-Disclosure Form

Arcadia Students, staff, and faculty who have tested positive for COVID must report it through the Self-Disclosure Form

Frequently Asked Questions

For questions about academic and campus life, prevention and self-care, study abroad programs, and more, please refer to our FAQs here.

Links to resources and data for regional and global COVID-19 information

COVID Resources

What if I still have questions?

Contact Information

If you are a member of the University community and need a place to direct your question, our central point of contact is Public Safety at 215-572-2800 or 215-572-2999 (emergency) for more information.

For specific questions, please direct to the following Arcadians:

Student Health Services

Theresa Smith
Director of Student Health Services

Arcadia Glenside Housing

Susanne Ferrin
Director of Residence and Commuter Life or call 215-572-2189

Parent and Family Inquiries

If you are a parent of a current student, please join our email listserv or send any questions to

IT Related Questions or Concerns

Please submit a ticket via

Staff and Faculty Employment-Related Questions

Human Resources