School of Global Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Arcadia University?

Arcadia University is committed to providing students a quality education. We prepare students for lives of informed contribution in a rapidly changing global society. Arcadia University has sixty seven years of excellence in global education and is ranked number 1 in study abroad participation. A student to faculty ratio of 12:1 defines the personalized attention you will receive.

How does the Arcadia School of Global Business differ from other business programs?

From the beginning you receive a faculty advisor in the School of Global Business to assist you in your progress towards completing your degree. Classes of 25 students or less provide you personalized attention in each course in your degree program. Experiential learning is the cornerstone of our educational experience. You will receive real-world business experience in the global marketplace.

If I study abroad will I still be able to complete my degree in three or four years?

The School of Global Business designed our programs to meet the need for graduating on time, as planned. Visit our curriculum pages to see examples of how you can study abroad and still complete your degree on time.

Do all students in the School of Global Business study abroad?

Sixty percent of the students in the School of Global Business study abroad, compared to an average of twelve percent at most universities. You can choose year, semester, or short term study abroad experiences to meet your individual needs.

What degrees are offered through the School of Global Business?

The School of Global Business offers bachelor’s degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Healthcare Administration, International Business and Culture, and Sports Management along with an MBA with a Global Perspective. The foundation for each degree program was created through applying the continuous assessment and improvement “Best Practices.”

Will the School of Global Business provide me with a competitive advantage in the job market?

No university can promise you a job after graduation; however, at global corporations even entry level positions are seeking graduates with experience in a global marketplace. We know the necessary skills to make our students highly competitive in the job market—a global perspective, communication, team building, cultural awareness, critical thinking and confidence—as well as a high quality degree program.