School of Education

Undergraduate Education Overview

PreK-4 (B.A., certification)

PreK-4 (B.A., certification, Part-time for Working Professionals only)

Education Studies (B.A., Major)

Education Minor

A student may elect a minor outside the major field. Minors are specified groups of at least five courses offered in various disciplines and may include cognates to the student’s major. A 2.00 GPA must be maintained in the courses required for the minor. A maximum of two courses can double count toward a minor and a major.

Students who are interested in Secondary Education (gr. 7-12 with content area specialization) or Art Education Pennsylvania educator certification (grades PK-12) should declare the Education Minor prior to applying to the certification program. The Education Minor is also appropriate for students with interests in education not necessarily related to PK-12 certification. All students declaring the Education Minor have the option to design a program that addresses their interests and future plans, in conjunction with an SoE adviser.

Students who are not necessarily interested in teacher certification may pursue coursework for the Minor related to education as a discipline, to study social, cultural, political, and historical forms of learning and community development, within and outside educational institutions. The Education Minor applies to students who may, for example, want a future career in educational spaces, such as teaching English to international populations; museum settings; public libraries; coaching; social work; advocacy; authoring/illustrating books and other texts; community development; working with specialized populations, etc.


The Education Minor includes 5 courses with the following requirements:

  • ED110 (required)

  • At least ONE course must include fieldwork/experiential experience of some kind: options include the internship course for education studies or an education course with a fieldwork component (noted in the catalog with an L designation attached to the course number).

  • One education course at a 300/400 level

  • 2 additional education courses related to the student's area of interest (or, with approval of the advisor, this could include at most ONE course outside of SOE that is broadly education-related)

Students who want to minor in Education should contact the School of Education as early as possible, preferably in their first year of undergraduate studies, to meet with an adviser and construct an appropriate course of study based on the student’s needs and interests.

Early Entry Master's Program  

Undergraduate students enrolled in the fall of their junior year apply for Early Entry to a Master's program with Arcadia University’s School of Education. Upon acceptance to the program, students can begin taking graduate courses as early as the spring of their junior year. Students may select to apply to one of the following M.Ed. programs:

  • M.Ed. with a concentration in Literacy Studies: TESOL  and Reading (with certification paths for ESL and Reading Specialist K-12)  
  • M.Ed. with a concentration in Secondary Education (with certification paths in  (Biology, Chemistry, English, General Science, Mathematics and Social Studies)
  • M.Ed. with a concentration in Equity Inclusion and Opportunity in Special Education
  • M.Ed. with a concentration in Integrative STEM Education
  • M.Ed. with an individualized concentration consisting of multiple certificates (Autism, Applied Behavior Analysis, Infant-Toddler Mental Health, ESL, STEM)