School of Education

School of Education Mission and Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to be leaders in preparing individuals and communities in creating inclusive educational environments that facilitate learning to meet the challenges and opportunities within an ever-changing, global society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that students and practitioners engage in rigorous and personally meaningful experiences that cultivate creative and critical understandings related to the processes of teaching and learning.  We are committed to providing philosophical, theoretical, technological and instructional frameworks to promote exemplary inclusive practice, scholarly inquiry and social justice advocacy across diverse educational contexts.

Our mission is further defined by excellence, equity, engagement and entrepreneurialism through:

  • Engaging instruction which promotes life-long learning.
  • Developing and nurturing an inclusive community that reflects and affirms diversity.
  • Cultivating instructors and students who are active researchers and scholars enhancing personal knowledge and professionalism as well as contributing to collective pedagogic knowledge.
  • Promoting dynamic, collaborative learning communities in both Arcadia University and partner institutions.
  • Creating opportunities to explore the unknown, critique the known and contemplate as well as generate novel ideas and innovative concepts.
  • Establishing an entrepreneurial spirit to provide wide-ranging services to organizations, institutions and community groups locally and globally.

Approved March 26, 2010