School of Education

The Strength of Our Programs

Fieldwork From the Start

Education at Arcadia is unlike anywhere else. Our students get valuable experience in classrooms from the start of their programs by tutoring, facilitating and teaching full classes. Our goal: Give students a step up on gaining 10,000 hours of teaching practice, a benchmark in the profession that leads to expertise.

"What I heard is true: Arcadia’s fieldwork and faculty are incredible!"—Joanna D’Orazio ’14, Early Elementary/Special Education, Dual Certification Program

Professors Who Connect and Care Beyond the Classroom

School of Education faculty make students central to their work. What does this mean for you? Advising that bears in mind your personal circumstances and challenges. Frequent opportunities to talk to faculty about your courses, professional growth, and life. Faculty who get to know the person behind the student.

“The instructors and staff are very accessible and generous with their time and effort to help students” — Sean Pierce ’13, B.A. Special Education and Five-Year M.Ed., Special Education with Secondary Transition Certificate

Faculty Who Model Best Practices in Teaching

Our faculty model best practices in teaching by using these methods in their own classrooms. With this approach, our students learn meaningful teaching practices through their in-class experience in courses.

“Arcadia’s School of Education professors are supportive and encouraging. They help doctoral students engage in scholarly thinking.” — Cheryl Horsey ’13EdD, Educational Leadership

Students Who Are Held to a Higher Standard

Our students are challenged to think creatively and critically about all facets of education, from how to truly engage and motivate students to how to successfully develop innovative curricula and lead schools.

“I found that if I can make learning fun, offer the opportunity to all students to participate, and be open to go with the flow, I can reach any student.” — Rebeca Morales ’15, Early Elementary/Special Education Dual Certification

Hands-On Experience You Can Use in Your Classroom

Our faculty keep up with the latest research and incorporate those techniques into their classrooms, giving students approaches they can immediately implement on the job.

“This experience shaped me as a teacher. I know that this knowledge will be transferred to each of my lessons during student teaching and in my future classroom.” — Stephanie Fell ’14, Early Elementary/Special Education, Dual Certification Program