School of Education

Arcadia University School of Education partnering with AIM Institute for Learning & Research

AIM Pathways participants are eligible to enroll to have approved AIM Pathways online training  transcribed for graduate credit through Arcadia University.

AIM Pathways online training 

Arcadia University   Graduate Education Course
(3 credits)

Pathways to Proficient Reading ED652 Pathways to Proficient Reading
Pathways to Structured Literacy ED652A Pathways to Structured Literacy
  ED652B: Pathways to Structure Literacy Practicum
Pathways to Proficient Writing ED652C Pathways to Proficient Writing
Pathways to Literacy Leadership ED653 Pathways to Literacy Leadership

Registration open dates:
Opens the 1st day of the month in which the AIM Pathways online training ENDS

Registration close dates: 
Closes 15th of the month in which the AIM Pathways online training ENDS.

$450 transcription fee due at the time of registration


Before Enrolling for Graduate Credit, review this Important Information:

  • All of the registration process STEPS 1-3 must be completed at one time.  Please do not repeat STEPS.  If you encounter difficulty in any STEP, contact  If you are a returning AIM participant seeking transcription of another AIM Pathways training, you do not need to complete STEP2 again. 
  • Register between the 1st and the 15th of the month in which the AIM Pathways online training ENDS. If you do not see your AIM Pathways training option listed, contact the AIM organization for assistance.
  • Incomplete registrations and/or registrations not received by the 15th are not processed.
  • Payment in full of the transcription fee is required at the time of registration request.
  • All fees paid to register for transcribing graduate credit for AIM Pathways online training are non-refundable.
  • Confirmations of the registration: 
    • STEP 1 confirmation, automated email that confirms your request has been received and provides you link for STEP2.
    • STEP 2 confirmation, automated message on your screen that provides you a username to log into self service in the future.
    • STEP 3 confirmation, your Paypal receipt is your payment and confirmation.

How to Enroll for Graduate Credit to be transcribed:


Complete a Request to Register for graduate credit form.  
  • Registration for transcribing Arcadia University graduate credit opens on the first of the month in which the AIM Pathways online training ENDS.  
  • Registration closes on the 15th of the month in which the AIM Pathways online training ENDS. 
  • STEP 1 confirmation is received as an email form notification that you have submitted the request  and provides the web link to complete STEP2.

Complete Request to Register Form

If you do not see your AIM Pathways training option listed on the form, contact the AIM organization for assistance. 


Create Your Student Account Personal Profile
  • A student account is required.  If you have previously attended Arcadia as a student or had a previous AIM Pathways training transcribed to an Arcadia transcript, please SKIP this STEP and move to STEP3.
  • In your confirmation email from STEP1, a link to create an account is provided.  Copy and paste the link in your browser and create an account.
  • Follow the steps to set up a student account. 
  • You are only creating an account. Do not search for a course to register in Self - Service system.  You will be registered by our office for the course you selected in STEP 1. 
  • Your course information will not appear in the student account until after the course is transcribed. (see STEP4 for more information on final grades and transcription)
  • Please do not attempt to make multiple student accounts.  See FAQ on this page for assistance. 
  • STEP 2 confirmation is received as a message on your screen at the end of creating your personal account and provides you your Arcadia account username. Use this username and the password you set up in the process of creating the account to log back into self service in the future for access to unofficial transcripts.


Payment Due and Completing Registration Process
  • Using the Paypal button below, submit your payment to Arcadia for the transcription fee.
  • If you are using a Paypal account with a different name than you provided as your student account information, please make the notation in Paypal (uncheck the shipping address box and note the name to which the payment should be applied).
  • The fee ($450) for transcribing the graduate credit is non-refundable.
  • Once your payment has been received, your registration process is complete. 
  • STEP 3 confirmation is the Paypal receipt and is your confirmation of payment and that STEP3 has been completed.    


Receiving Final Grades and Transcripts
  • Grades are reported from AIM within 72 hours of the last day of the month in which the AIM Pathways online training ends.   Approximately one week later, your Student Account will show your transcript reflecting the course and the final grade.
  • Unofficial transcripts are available to current Arcadia students free of charge. Students access them directly through their Self-Service account.
  • Official transcripts are available to students and alumni for a fee. The cost per transcript depends on the method of delivery. Request an official transcript 

ACT 48

Collegiate credits may be applied to the continuing education requirements if earned during the current Act 48 compliance period. The credits must relate to the educator’s area of assignment/certification or within a program leading to administrative certification.

For complete information on ACT 48 reporting and to request an Arcadia course credit be reported, please see our ACT 48 Information page.


About requesting to Register (STEP 1)

If I request to register for the incorrect cohort or course, should I send another request to register? 

  • NO, students should only request to register one time. If there are corrections needed after you submit, send an email to to have the request modified.

My cohort information and course are not listed on the Request to Register form. Should I just pick another?

  • No, please only select your correct information. If your cohort course is not listed, email for assistance.

About creating a student account and accessing my student account (STEP 2)

I completed all three steps and cannot find any information in my student account after I log into Self-Service. Where is my course information?

  • Course information becomes available in the student Self-Service system AFTER grades are transcribed.

I don't know if my student account was created in Self-Service. Should I make another one?

  • No, please do not create duplicate student accounts in the Self-Service system. You should receive a pop-up message with your Arcadia username as confirmation that your account was successfully created.  If you did not, please email OR contact for assistance.

About making payment (STEP 3)

Do you accept any other payment methods? 

  • No, the transcrption fee is collected through Paypal only.

When do I need to make payment?

  • At the time you request registration. All three STEPS in the registration process should be completed at one time.

Can I be billed?

  • No, payment is due at time of registration through Paypal.

I  made a payment in Paypal, but received an email that I did not make payment and my registration could not be completed. Why?

  • Paypal payments are reconciled to student account names. If your Paypal payment was made in another name and no notation was provided, we were unable to map your payment to your student account.  Send the receipt to so the payment can be reflected on  your student account. 

Where do I get a receipt so my employer will reimburse me for the cost of the graduate credit?

  • Your Paypal receipt is your receipt for payment.  We do not provide any other billing information for the transcription fee.

I tried logging into Self-Service to make my payment for the course and I am unable to make a payment. Why?

  • Payments are made through the Paypal link only. 

About getting transcripts (STEP 4)

Can I get a transcript?

  • Yes, once your course is transcribed, unofficial transcripts are available to you by accessing your student account in Self-Service.  

Where do I get a transcript to provide to my employer?

  • If your employer requires an official transcript, make a request through the registrar's office.  Unofficial transcripts are available for no fee by accessing your student account in Self-Service.

Other FAQ 

Do I receive a confirmation that my registration process is complete? 

  • Registrants receive three confirmations during the process, one after each STEP.  

I'm not sure all the STEPS were completed, how will I know?

  • You receive a confirmation at the end of each STEP1-3.  

I've attended Arcadia as a student, do I need to complete all the STEPS?

  • As a previous/current/alumni Arcadia student, you do not need to complete STEP2, creating a student account.  You do need to complete STEP1 and STEP3. 

I've had a previous AIM Pathways course transcribed for credit, what STEPS do I need to complete?

  • As a previous Arcadia student you do not need to complete STEP 2, creating a student account.  You do need to complete STEP1 and STEP3. 

Is this an official college course on a transcript?

  • Yes, the AIM Pathways courses that are offered for graduate credit have been approved by the University for graduate credit.

Can I get ACT 48 credit?

  • Yes, any collegiate credit applicable to your certification area can be requested to be reported to PDE for ACT 48 credit.