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In the Spring/Summer 2022 Issue

In June 2020, President Ajay Nair challenged the Arcadia community to reimagine with him the University in six domains: academics; training, learning, and development; campus climate and culture; justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion; local, national, and global impact; and policies and procedures. Nearly two years later, the fruits  of these endeavors are becoming more apparent each day.

ABRI at Arcadia: An Essential, Complex, United Effort

After the invasion began, Arcadia community members came together for educational events and support groups, including a vigil for Ukraine, a panel discussion with faculty members at Arcadia and with the American Graduate School in Paris, and a teach-in on April 1 led by Dr. Angela Kachuyevski, an associate professor of Political Science in the Department of Historical and Political Studies.

Arcadia Community Responds to War in Ukraine

Harper Jones ’23 knew she’d enjoy the theater scene in London. An Acting major with a Musical Theater concentration, Jones was in one of the globe’s theater capitals almost the entire spring semester on a study abroad program with Arcadia London Center and Goldsmith University. What she may not have expected, though, was  to discover a passion for theatrical activism. 

Jones '23 Finds Connection While Studying in London

Dr. Ajay Nair

Letter from the President

Dear Arcadia University Community, 

How does one capture the story of Arcadia University or Beaver College? It depends  on the perspective of the storyteller. 

Today’s Arcadia students carry on the legacy of our alumni — of you, our reader — and the connection between student and alum is inextricably linked. We invite you to connect directly with today’s students through their stories and to follow them in their journeys, which you can learn more about on pg. 24.  These students are, in many ways — some quite literal — following in your footsteps. 

Our faculty perspectives are shaping our JEDI and ABRI initiatives on campus and within our  University community. These initiatives are a complex yet essential mix that impact all members of the  Arcadia community. This has been a campuswide effort, and we look forward to how they will expand  and evolve. Dr. Christopher Varlack, assistant professor of English and associate director of the Center for anti-Racist Scholarship, Advocacy, and Action, shares his perspective on the University’s efforts and in a dual interview with Dr. Doreen Loury, assistant professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice and founding director of CASAA. 

In addition, a conversation with a Beaver College graduate, an Arcadia University graduate, and a  current student reminds us how intertwined the experiences for students are at this great institution.  While the decade may change and the world may look different, there are many similarities in the passions  of our students. 

Our stories help to define who we are — as individuals, as a community, as a University. We’re so proud that you have helped to craft our history. 


Ajay Nair, Ph.D. 
Arcadia University

News + Notes

Arcadia magazine recently sat down with a Beaver College graduate, Arcadia University graduate, and current Arcadia student to discuss how the student experience has changed through the years. As these conversations demonstrate, Arcadia, true to its legacy as Beaver College, continues to be a University built on the strength and character of a personal, caring community.

Q&A: Transcending Generations

Grey Towers Castle has long stood as a beloved symbol of Arcadia University. Now, one of its rooms that has epitomized elegance for generations bears the name of one of the University’s most dedicated alumni and trustees, Laura Minerva Korman ‘89, ‘95MEd (1967–2017).

The Enduring Legacy of Laura Minerva Korman '89, '95M

Each year, Arcadia University alumni are recognized for outstanding achievements and contributions in their profession, their community, their classes, and their alma mater. The Alumni Association presents its annual awards each year during Alumni Reunion Week.

2022 Alumni Association Award Recipients

Since 1853, generations of Beaver College and Arcadia University women have taken charge of their futures and pursued their dreams. On March 26, Arcadia’s second annual Women Who Lead Forum provided special recognition to three women who have profoundly shaped Arcadia to be the dynamic institution that it is today.

Arcadia Honors Women Who Lead

Maya Basu Johnson ’97

Letter from the Advisory Council President for the Arcadia University Alumni Association

 Dear Alumni,

As I reflect on the work we have done together in the first year of my term as president of the  Arcadia University Alumni Association, I think back to a virtual celebration I attended on Martin Luther King Jr. Day this past January. During the event, we read a letter Dr. King wrote from Birmingham jail in which he stated, “constructive tension is necessary for growth” and “change takes work.” 

Those statements continue to resonate with me deeply as an excellent descriptor of what the Advisory Council and the Arcadia community is actively demonstrating in the efforts guided by the Arcadia 2025 strategic plan.  

The Advisory Council for the Arcadia University Alumni Association and our expanded committees have made great strides in empowering alumni to contribute to the betterment of the University through focus group meetings, feedback surveys, and the introduction of new programs such as Homecoming & Family Weekend, the Women Who Lead Forum, alumni focus groups, and more. As our environmental conditions improve, alumni have expressed a desire to revitalize our sense of community, guide current students, and support our ongoing professional development. 

I hope you reflect on the personal impact that you have made on our alma mater and overtly demonstrate your commitment to the success of Arcadia University. I am encouraged by our progress and cannot wait to see all that we will accomplish together. Representing you—and now our newest graduates of the Class of 2022—continues to be an incredible honor. 

Maya Basu Johnson ’97 
President, Arcadia University Alumni Association 

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