Finding Housing and Roommates

Local Housing

Arcadia University offers some apartments in Oak Summit for graduate students. For more information, please view our Graduate Housing page. If you have any questions, please contact the Residence and Commuter Life department at or 215-572-4026.

Residence and Commuter Life manages a list of other off-campus housing options near the Glenside campus. Contact the Housing Coordinator ( for further information. Please note that the housing options list is provided as a courtesy. Arcadia University assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided, nor does the University investigate or endorse any housing option listed.

Becoming a tenant is a financial responsibility that could cost you money if you are not prepared.  To ensure that you are getting the safest, best deal for you money, follow our Renter Checklist.


If you are seeking roommates for the upcoming fall, Residence and Commuter Life will post up to 10 flyers throughout designated spaces on campus for you.  Bring your flyer to Student Affairs for approval, first.  Social networking and word of mouth are also good ways to identify people seeking a roommate.  Finally, you can try talking to the Residence and Commuter Life Staff.  Sometimes they are aware of students seeking roommates and can connect you with them.

Whether you are living with a close friend or someone new, it is important to talk about expectations before signing the lease.  We have generated some important Roommate Conversation Starters specifically for commuter students.  This document can help frame initial discussions with potential roommates and get you thinking about the additional responsibilities to manage as renters.