Emergency Preparedness for Off-Campus Living

Emergency preparedness is an important aspect of living in your own apartment, condo, or house.  Winter weather emergencies, blackouts, and hurricanes are common emergencies in the greater Philadelphia area.  Knowing what to do before, during, and after an emergency is a critical part of being prepared, and may make all the difference when seconds count. 


These U.S. government sites offer great advice on preparing for emergencies and staying aware when emergencies happen. 

Download Checklist to Create an Emergency Kit

Emergency Communications at Arcadia

The Office of Public Safety and the Office of University Relations maintain a number of systems to maintain contact with students in case of emergency.

Arcadia’s Emergency Notification System, SendWordNow, is used for campus emergency announcements, including weather-related closings or delays. The system sends an e-mail and text messages to all registered users in the event of an incident posing an immediate threat to life safety. Update your emergency contact information to ensure you receive texts and calls from Arcadia’s Emergency Notification System in the event of an emergency or University closing.

Additionally, you should update your home address if you have moved off campus or no longer live at home.  In the event of a local emergency such as flood, fire, or blackout, the University may try to identify local commuter students affected.  Having the most up-to-date and accurate address and contact information for our students helps us determine who may need support and how to get a hold of them.