Accommodation Requests

Housing Accommodation Requests

Arcadia housing can accommodate many unique student needs. We partner with the Office of Academic Development and Disability Support Services (DSS) to assist students with physical, psychological, or cognitive challenges identify a housing option that suites them best.

All students new to the University must deposit by May 1. New students with requests for special housing accommodations due to a disability or medical condition are strongly encouraged to contact DSS as early as possible, preferably on or before May 30th. Returning students should make housing accommodation requests by March 1. For information regarding requirements for documentation of a disability related to housing contact DSS at 215-572-4033 or To get started, download the following forms and submit them as appropriate.

Although requests for accommodations may be made at any time, availability of these spaces may be limited. Medical conditions, such as allergies or asthma, can be accommodated, however, they may not rise to the level of a disabling condition. 

For information regarding emotional support animals, please click here

More information about disability support and academic support services.

Single Room Requests

Single room accommodations are handled in two different ways:

  1. the necessity for equal access
  2. preference due to a disability OR medical condition

We require documentation that justifies the medical necessity of a single room. Examples of medical necessity may include: the presence of 24/7 personal care attendant, self-catheterization, need to store a power chair, etc. While it may not be a medical necessity to a have a single room, students with disabilities may be given a single room preference due to their disability when available and will be charged the single room rate.