Parking on Campus


Public Safety officer driving his car around campus

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All vehicles parked on campus or on campus-owned lots must be registered with the Public Safety Office. A parking permit will be issued and must be displayed as instructed. Vehicles without current permits will receive a parking violation citation. All students, faculty and staff are expected to observe campus parking and traffic regulations and posted speed limits.

Note: Fire zones and parking spaces for the disabled are under the jurisdiction of the Fire Marshall and the Cheltenham Township Police, who frequently patrol campus and issue tickets to illegally parked cars.

Driving Regulations

All motor vehicles and bicycles operated on any property of Arcadia University are subject to all provisions, rules, and laws set forth in the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code and Arcadia University Parking Regulations. Violation of codes will subject the operator to fines and/or other disciplinary action.

What Is the Speed Limit?

  • The speed limit on roadways on the Arcadia University campus is 5 miles per hour. All students, faculty and staff are expected to observe campus traffic regulations and speed limits.
  • The speed limit in campus parking lots is 5 miles per hour. Arcadia University has one-way traffic counterclockwise around campus.
  • Failure to obey traffic signs and/or endangering the safety of campus pedestrians or other drivers may result in the loss of the privilege of having a vehicle on campus and prosecution under Pennsylvania state law.
  • The vehicle registrant and/or owner are considered responsible for the vehicle. If a violation occurs, regardless of whom is driving the vehicle, the owner and/or registrant will be held responsible, along with the operator of the vehicle.

Parking Regulations

  • All vehicles parked on campus or campus-owned lots must be registered and display a valid parking permit.
  • Anyone attempting to register the vehicle of someone ineligible for a parking permit will be subject to sanctions for violating the Code of Conduct and the parking regulations.
  • Registered vehicles may be parked only in designated parking areas that correspond with the letter on their permit.
  • Vehicles parked in unlined paved areas, fire zones or on the grass will be ticketed.
  • University employees and students are not allowed to park in designated visitors’ spaces

Parking Permit Fees

Please visit, sign in, then click the 'Rydin - Parking Permits' tile to register for a permit.

  • Resident Student (R): $100 per year for a permit. NOTE: First-year resident students are not permitted to have a vehicle on campus for any period of time without written permission from the Department of Public Safety. First-Year Parking Exception Request Form.
  • Commuter (C) Student:$100 per year for a permit.
  • Faculty and Staff (F/S): No charge for permit. 

Parking Permit Replacement

The cost is $5 to replace a lost or stolen permit. You must report your permit as lost or stolen and obtain a new one from the Public Safety Office.

All fees, new or otherwise, must be paid at the beginning of the academic year.

Parking Permit Designations

Letters on parking permit denote the following:

  • – Resident Student Living on Campus 
  • C – Commuter Student
  • F/S – Faculty/Staff (Parking in All lots except Lot # 1, Lot #2 , Lot # 3 and Lot #9 when reserved for events.)

Make sure your permit is visible.

Motorbikes and Motorcycles

Motorbikes and motorcycles are subject to all of the regulations governing motor vehicles and must be registered with the Public Safety Office.

Loading and Unloading Vehicles

Individuals may load and unload vehicles in “No Parking” areas if these rules are followed:

  • The vehicle’s four-way flashers must be activated.
  • The time allowed for loading and unloading must not exceed 15 minutes.
  • The vehicle must not block any roadway, pathway or building exit.
  • Motorists cannot park in a fire lane or in a handicapped space at any time.

Parking Violations

Citations issued by Public Safety are $15 per violation, and will be issued for the following offenses:

  • No Valid Permit Displayed
  • Parked in an Unauthorized Space or Lot
  • Parked in a Fire Zone
  • Parked in a Handicapped Space
  • Parked in a Non-Parking Area (lawns, spaces without lines, hash marks)
  • Violation of Posted Signs
  • Parked in two or more spaces
  • Violation of University traffic regulations
  • Other: Any other violations the officer finds


  • Handicapped parking violation: minimum $50 for the first offense, $100 for the second offense and $200 for the third offense. (Cheltenham Township Police will also ticket offenders.)
  • Driving in the wrong direction: $25.
  • Individuals with three or more tickets in a semester will be issued an immobilization boot. The cost of removal will be $25 and all tickets must be paid in full prior to removal.

Payments for Violations

Parking violations can be paid at the Office of Student Accounts, Finance & Administration Building, Room 202.  Payments have to be in the form of cash or check.  Violations cannot be charged to your student account.

Parking Appeals

You should only appeal a ticket if you believe you were not in violation or there were extenuating circumstances. Otherwise, the ticket must be paid within 5 business days.

Appealing a Ticket

Individuals wishing to appeal a ticket or citation must submit a Parking Appeals Form within 5 business days of receipt of the ticket or citation. Appeal forms are also available in The Public Safety Office.

The appeal form must be completed with the ticket attached and submitted to the Public Safety Office. The appeals committee is comprised of members from Public Safety, KnightCard Services, and the Student Government Organization.

Visitors and Guests

A visitor is someone who comes to campus to do business, whereas a guest is someone that is here to visit a student.

Visitors and guests of the University must obtain a Temporary Visitor’s Parking Permit before parking on campus and must park in lots designated for visitor parking. Passes can be obtained from the Public Safety Office, located on the ground floor of Dilworth Hall.

Hosts are financially responsible for parking violation citations received by their visitors and guests.