KnightCard FAQs

What is the KnightCard?

KnightCards are common, recognizable identification cards for people who are affiliated with Arcadia University.

What is the KnightCard used for?

The KnightCard is used for:

  • Identification
  • Library loans
  • Meal plans
  • Building access
  • Photocopy, mail, & printing services

What should I do if my KnightCard is lost or stolen?

To report a lost or stolen KnightCard, call 215-517-2362 or email In the future, you can also log in to your GET account and freeze your card. If someone returns your KnightCard, simply bring a picture ID with you to KnightCard Services to retrieve your card.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen after business hours?

Call Public Safety at 215-572-2999

Will I be charged for a replacement card?

If your KnightCard is damaged, broken, lost, or stolen, the replacement fee is $15.  Payments can be made in the Office of Student Accounts.  If you are abroad or unable to make the payment in person, you can pay online through self service or send a check to:

Arcadia University
Office of Student Accounts
450 S. Easton Road
Glenside, PA 19038

Please make the check payable to Arcadia University.  If you have further questions, please contact the KnightCard Services by phone at 215-517-2362 or email at

There is no cost for reprinting a card due to a name change (i.e. marriage, divorce). The old KnightCard must be turned in to KnightCard Services before a replacement can be reprinted.

If a name is printed incorrectly, no charge will be issued for a replacement.

Please note: If your KnightCard is replaced due to any of the circumstances above, the original KnightCard will be deactivated and cannot be reactivated, should you find it.

What happens if I'm abroad for the semester?

Your KnightCard will not be deactivated.

What happens if I graduate or am no longer at Arcadia University?

Your KnightCard will not deactivate immediately. Instead, the card will remain active for 60 days after the end of your last class. This will enable you to use Arcadia University facilities to finish extended class projects, etc.

Your Arcadia University ID number will appear on the face of your KnightCard, but no personal information will be encoded electronically on your card. Your Arcadia University ID number is used for internal purposes, including student and/or personnel services where access to your records is required. The number will not be provided to outside entities without the cardholder's prior consent.

Does the KnightCard Services keep the digitized photos on file?

Yes, Arcadia University stores digitized photos in the KnightCard database. This allows for instant card replacement. The photo also allows us to identify persons requesting replacement cards.

Can I still make purchases on campus by charging to my student account?

Yes, during the 2020/2021 academic year.

What do I do if I think someone else has charged to my account?

Contact KnightCard Services and ask for the charges to be reviewed.