Remote Computer Access (RCA)

Remote Computer Access (RCA)

Remote Computer Access or RCA is a system that allows students to remotley access specialized software on any campus computer.  We use Labstats to remotley connect to computers on campus.

Features and Benefits

Currently the software available in RCA includes

     All Labs
  • Adobe Master Collection and Acrobat Reader
  • SPSS v.24
  • Alice 2.2
  • Android Studio
  • Eclipse
  • 7zip
  • Audacity and LAME MP3
  • Blue J
  • Dr Java
  • FileZilla
  • Office 2016
  • Notepad++
  • Python Compiler
  • Python Anaconda
  • Scratch
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Winrar
  • Atom.IO
  • Got.SCM
     Lab Specific Software
  • Nvivo 12 (Landman Library 01)
  • ArcINFO (Boyer 19)
  • Autodesk 2018 (Boyer 19)
  • BlitzMax (Boyer 14)
  • Fathom V2 (Landman Library 01)
  • FreeSSHD and Free FTPd (Boyer 14)
  • Geometer's Sketchpad v.5 (Boyer 14)
  • Google Sketchup Pro v.8 (3D Lab)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework SDK (Landman Library 01)
  • SAS 9.3 (Brubaker 305)
  • Scientific Notebook - 5 Licenses (Boyer 14)
  • TCPView for Windows (Boyer 14)
  • Widget Browser for Dreamweaver (Landman Library 01)
  • Wireshark for Windows (Boyer 14 and 19)


The RCA is available to faculty, staff and students from Arcadia University.  You can access the system using your Arcadia Credentials.

To use the RCA you need a computer with an internet connection and a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client installed.  Your computer must be on the Arcadia network connected through the Fortinet Virtual Private Network (VPN) client.

For the RDP client we recommend Windows Remote Desktop.  This program is built into Windows based computers and is available via the App Store on a Mac.

Getting Started

To get started, please make sure you install the RDP client and have access to the VPN (See above)

The link to access the RCA is:

Please follow these instructions to connect to a lab machine:

     Windows Instructions

     Mac Instructions

Additional Information

When working on a remote device, you will need to utilized Google Drive to save your files.  Files saved to the local computer will not be saved as the computer will wipe user data after each time it is restarted.

Please follow these instructions to connect to Google Drive on the machine you are using.

     Saving your work on a remote computer - Windows

     Saving your work on a remote computer - Mac