IT Resources for Working Remotely

Arcadia University faculty and staff have the ability to access university resources from remote locations. Please visit the below pages for important guidelines and documentation.


If you have a University-owned device, you should be able to connect the PC or Mac laptop to your home network and access applications needed for work. 

Information Technology Help Desk has a small number of loaner computers that are available for faculty and staff use. Please reach out to to request assistance. 

Accessing Applications

Most applications you need are network accessible; you don't need any special setup to access applications. There are, however, some applications or network folders that will require a VPN connection. 

Click here for a list of applications that require VPN access.

Please note: Most reported VPN issues are related to ISP services. We reccommend that you review the above list of applications that require VPN connection.

VPN Access

Arcadia University uses a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to grant secure access to certain university applications and resources. 

  • Windows 
  • Mac
    • If you are attempting to use VPN on your Arcadia-issued Mac, please contact the help desk to have them install FortiClient for you. 

Security Tips for Working Remotely

When working it is important to take a few simple steps to protect yourself. These information security steps will help you get started in protecting your accounts and devices.

  • When getting online, only use a trusted wireless network, such as your password protected home wireless network. If you are away from home and need to use the internet, use your cellular data plan on your phone or connect your laptop to the mobile hotspot on your phone. However, if you need to use a network that is not a trusted home network, follow these tips before connecting to a Free / Public wireless network to make sure you are protecting yourself and your data.
  • Install antivirus on your computer before using internet resources. The computer issued to you by Arcadia University has antivirius software installed for you. If you need antivirus software on your personal computer, click here for a list of free antivirus software.
  • Ensure that no confidential data is shared via email unless it is encrypted. Have questions about how to encrypt your email? Contact the Help Desk!
  • If you need to access sensitive University data, connect to the VPN to secure your internet connection. More information about VPN can be found in the VPN section of this page.
  • Confirm that the websites you are accessing are secure by looking for the lock icon next to a websites URL.
  • Never share your Password with anyone. Remember: The Arcadia University IT Help Desk will NEVER ask you for your password.
  • Remember to refer to the Acceptable Use Policy when using University-owned technoogy resources.
  • For more tips on working from home securely, please see this fact sheet from SANS

Tools and Resources

There are several online tools available to you from anywhere you have internet access to help you collaborate with your colleagues.