Zoom Security

Zoom Security

Zoom is a very easy to use and feature-rich video conferencing tool.  It’s ability to integrate with our Learning Management System (Canvas) and Google Suite makes Zoom our platform of choice.  In recent weeks, a number of Zoom security concerns have come to light.  The vendor has been responsive and has added security features to augment the safety of your meetings.  To ensure that we are leveraging these safety features, please review the following security items.

Authenticate your Zoom Account

Register yourself for an Arcadia Zoom Account by using your Arcadia username and password.  This allows you to be authenticated automatically (if you are logged into Zoom) and skip the waiting room for Arcadia hosted meetings.

  1. Go to  http://arcadia.zoom.us 
  2. Click “Sign In” 
  3. Then, enter your Arcadia username and password 
    • Once you see your Zoom Profile page, you have created your account and can now close the page

Do Not Share Passwords and Zoom Links

Only share Zoom meeting links with your intended audience, don't put them somewhere publicly accessible.  Do not share personal meeting IDs, passwords, or advertise the link widely in social media, newsletters, etc..

Zoom events for large groups including outside guests that need to be publicized should be scheduled as a webinar.  See below for the decsription on Zoom Webinars

Update your Zoom Application

Make sure your Zoom application is up to date.  Zoom has released a number of security updates and will continue to do so.  To ensure that your application and meeting experience is as secure as possible, please update your version of the Zoom application before your next scheduled session.

Hosts and Co-Hosts Security Recommendations

Zoom events for large groups including outside guests that need to be publicized should be scheduled as a webinar.  See the section under Webinar.  For smaller events including instruction and Arcadia-focused meetings, please consider the following security recommendations.

In-meeting Security Options - Security Toolbar Icon

Webinar Details

  • Use this form to scheduled a Zoom Webinar
  • A webinar would ideally be used for a larger meeting in which the attendees will not be able to share video or speak without the permission of the host or co-host.  
  • The host/co-host can promote attendees to be a panelist so they can participate with audio and video.  
  • IT can provide you a brief training on how moderate and set up the Zoom Webinar or you can find directions here.
    • Unfortunately, we cannot moderate webinars, you will need to appoint someone for this task.  
  • Arcadia has a limited number of licenses for webinars and they will be available on a first-come/first serve availability.  
    • We have licenses for 100, 500 or 1000 attendees.
  • All webinars will automatically be set for registration.
    • You will share the registration link (IT will provide this link to the Host) and people will register for the event and be provided with the link for the webinar.  
    • You will also be able to share the webinar ID with your panelists to bypass panelist registration.  They will need to join the webinar from their local Zoom client.