Zoom - Online Meeting Tool

All faculty, staff & students at Arcadia University have access to Zoom, which is a online video conferencing/meeting system.  

Zoom can be used for hosting online meetings, webinars, guest speakers or online classes, and more. Zoom enables interoperability between all major hardware and software video platforms, as well as browsers and mobile apps. You can now meet with virtually anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Zoom   (Arcadia single sign-on link)

Zoom has integration with many browsers such as Chrome and Firefox and Google Calendar through an extension add on.  There is also a separate app for Windows and Mac as well as iOS and Android Devices.  All downloads are located here: http://arcadia.zoom.us/download

For assistance with Zoom, please visit the Zoom Help Center.  When logged into Zoom http://arcadia.zoom.us you can find the 24/7 Chat and Phone Support 888-799-0125 and Zoom Resources along the top right. Here is a Zoom Quick Start Guide to get your started using Zoom.

Arcadia University Zoom Backgrounds


Tips for Zoom in Canvas:

Looking to add Zoom to Canvas?  Add Zoom through the Settings of each course to connect with your students virtually.

Zoom Phone

Arcadia community members have access to Zoom Phone from any device with the Zoom app installed, whether on or off campus. Zoom Phone allows you to use your current work phone number through the app on your phone, computer, or Zoom-compliant deskphone.

Other benefits include:

  • Voicemail with automated transcription 
  • Easily moving from a voice call to Zoom meeting (videoconferencing and desktop sharing)
  • Intelligent call routing and auto attendants available
  • Accessibility features
  • Supports 911 calling

Learn how to use your Zoom Phone with this quick training video.

Recording of Arcadia University Zoom Phone Training from December 10, 2021

For technical assistance with your Zoom Phone setup or troubleshooting, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to use a Zoom Phone?
  • An active Arcadia network account 
  • The Zoom app (logged in with SSO to University Zoom account)
  • An internet connection

It is also possible for a department to get a telephone handset for a common area or reception center that multiple people can use.

Will my Arcadia phone number change? 

No, your office phone number will not change. You will be given a temporary Zoom phone number during the transition but it will be removed when the transition is complete. 

Will Caller ID work for internal and external calls?

Yes. Learn more about Zoom Phone and caller ID here.

Do I still need to dial 9 for an outside line?

No, the 9 is no longer needed when making outside calls.

Will 4 digit extension dialing continue to work? 

Yes, 4-digit extension dialing will continue to work during and after the transition.

Will I receive a new desk phone? 

There are many reasons to use your computer or mobile phone instead of requesting a new desk phone. Device cost, maintenance and network resources (VOiP) are some of the reasons to avoid a dedicated desk phone.  There are however certain use cases where the primary function of a staff member will require them to be on a phone very often.  In those cases, we will provide a Zoom-compliant desk phone to that staff member. 

My university phone is currently forwarding to another phone number. Will this continue to work?

Zoom phone does allow for forwarding calls to another number.  

How will I access my voicemail?

You will use your zoom application on your computer to pick up voicemail messages.

Will calls in Zoom interrupt my meetings?

No. You can hide notifications of incoming calls anytime you wish, or instead choose to let the call arrive and choose whether to send it directly to voicemail, put your meeting on hold to answer it, or even merge it into the meeting you are having.

How do I get help with an issue setting up or using a Zoom Phone?

Call the IT Helpdesk or email helpdesk@theacademy-ibt.com for assistance.

Can I set working hours on my Zoom Phone account?

Yes - you can set working hours on your zoom phone account so that your phone will not ring on your cell phone unless you want it to.

How long will my call history and voicemail messages be saved?

Call logs will be saved for one semester (approximately 5 months).  You can download and save important voicemail message transcriptions. 

Does zoom use data on your phone?

Zoom uses internet data. For it to work you need an internet connection over broadband internet or through a mobile data plan.  You can also use a headset attached to your computer to answer or make calls from your Zoom app.   As long as you are connected to a WiFi network, your private mobile data plan should not be impacted.  Your mobile data plan would have bandwidth consumed if you lost WIFI coverage while using Zoom phone.

Will I receive a headset to use?

A headset is not required to use a zoom phone.  If you prefer to use a headset, the IT helpdesk has suggested this type of headset that will work with your computer.  Headset purchases will be a departmental expense.