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Workshop Schedule for All Modes

Digital Learning Services offers comprehensive workshops that focus on the tools and resources that Arcadia provides. Our workshops are updated prior to the beginning of the semester. 

This is a great opportunity to learn more information about Instructional Technology and Instructional Design.  All workshops are presented by DLS and IT Department members. New workshops have been added for all Arcadia employees to learn more about security and utilizing the tools available to you as an Arcadia Faculty or Staff member.

We are very happy to be delivering many high-quality workshops for the Arcadia community this semester. Please sign up here for the events you plan to attend (all workshops will be held on Zoom).

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Best Practices for All Modes Instruction

Best Practices for All Modes Instruction (Webinar Recording)

All Modes Instructor Resources (Canvas self-enroll course)

The All Modes Webinar focuses on the following:

  • Principles, guidelines and rubric for course development
  • Best practices in online instruction and learning
  • Support structures and set expectations for All Modes 
  • Keeping your student engaged
DIY All Modes Course Design Toolkit and Checklist

The (Do it Yourself) DIY All Modes Course Development Toolkit is a comprehensive resource where you will find everything you need to build a quality All Modes course. 
The All Modes Checklist provides action items to prepare your All Modes courses for launch. It consists of three phases, (1) Design; (2) Build; and (3) Launch, each with a series of tasks. Many design elements listed in the Checklist can be found in the All Modes Canvas Template (Click Commons in Canvas and search All Modes). 

Faculty Showcase Recordings

Spring 2021 Events

  • Dan Levy, author of ‘Teaching Effectively with Zoom’ (February 12, 2021) Watch the webinar recording 
    • The goal of this session is to help educators teach effective live online sessions using Zoom. It offers practical pedagogical advice on questions such as:
      • Why and how to use breakout rooms?
      • Should you use chat, and if so, how?
      • How do you build community in a virtual classroom?
      • Why and how to use polling?
    • ​The book, Teaching Effectively with Zoom’, is based on the author’s own experience teaching online, observations of several colleagues teaching online at Harvard University and elsewhere, research-based principles of effective teaching and learning, tips from the readers of the first edition of the book, and, perhaps just as importantly, interviews with dozens of students who have had to adapt to online learning.
  • Faculty Showcase Recordings (Spring 2021)
Fall 2020 - Events
  • Small Teaching Online: Practical Strategies for Teaching Online During Covid-19 and Beyond with author Flower Darby - December 11, 2020
    Watch the Webinar Recording
    Remote, blended and online courses present unique challenges for both students and faculty. Small teaching can help. We’ll explore practical, evidence-based techniques you can apply in your online teaching practice, small but impactful strategies that result in significant gains in student engagement and learning. You’ll gain guiding principles for structuring learning in online and blended environments, brief learning activities, and tips for impactful yet not too time-consuming communication with students. These approaches can also enhance in-person teaching during and after Covid-19, so join us to explore new ways of teaching online to enhance your overall practice.
  • Faculty Showcase - All Modes hybrid classroom experience from TCGS
Summer 2020 - Faculty Showcases
Fall 2019 - Faculty Canvas Showcases

Personalized Consultations

Personalized Consultations

If workshops don't work with your schedule or if you need more specific assistance we offer Personalized Consultations with an Instructional Designer or Instructional Technologist. The meetings can be used to discuss specific questions regarding technology options for your teaching at Arcadia. 

Meetings are available in thirty-minute increments, please sign up for a Personalized Consultation. Prior to the meeting, be sure to list the topics for the meeting. For example: How to use a create a Google Form with logic, How to capture your lecture using Panopto, or How to integrate a new technology into your course, etc.

If you have questions relating to the workshops please email dls@theacademy-ibt.com.


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