Classroom Technology Resources

Classroom Standard

Arcadia University has created a classroom technology standard to allows users to easily project and display their content to students. Included in our current technology standard:

  • A Dell podium PC (supported by the Help Desk)
  • Lampless high-definition projection
  • HDMI auxiliary connection
  • VGA auxiliary connection
  • Extron Touch panel for controlling the technology
  • Speaker system for full-room audio coverage
  • Non-lab classrooms are equipped with lecture capture equipment, for use with Panopto. 

Academic Technology Services fully supports all equipment (except where noted) in the classrooms listed below.  If you are teaching and have an issue, please contact the Helpdesk through email ( or by phone (215-572-2898 or x2898) and someone will be dispatched to help with your situation.

We are currently moving into a new phase of our technology standard, which includes simplifying and condensing the  podium equipment (no functionality will be lost) and adding wireless presentation options to each classroom. 

Supported Classrooms

The following list identifies all of the classrooms that Academic Technology Services supports.

Boyer Hall Brubaker Hall Easton Hall Murphy Hall Taylor Hall Landman Library Dining Complex Other Campus Classrooms
Boyer 08 Brubaker Hall 101 Easton 143 Murphy 108 Taylor 108 Library 001 Dining Complex 103 Knight 101
Boyer 14 Brubaker Hall 102 Easton 145 Murphy 115 Taylor 204 Library 002 Dining Complex 106 Genetic Counseling
Boyer 23 Brubaker Hall 201 Easton 146 Murphy 117 Taylor 208 Library 003 Dining Complex 107 Spruance Theater
Boyer 31 Brubaker Hall 202 Easton 246 Murphy 209 Taylor 210 Library 210 Dining Complex 214a Spruance Studios
Boyer 104 Brubaker Hall 203 Easton 247 Stiteler Auditorium Taylor 314 Beaver College Room   6 Royal Avenue Rooms
Boyer 105 Brubaker Hall 204 Easton 345   Taylor 316     Delaware Classrooms
Boyer 109 Brubaker Hall 301 Easton 346   Taylor 323      
Boyer 114 Brubaker Hall 302 Easton 347          
Boyer 117 Brubaker Hall 303            
Boyer 117a Brubaker Hall 304            
Boyer 205 Brubaker Hall 305            
Boyer 206 Brubaker Hall 307            
Boyer 208 Carlin Classrooms            
Boyer 211 Carlin Seminar Rooms            
Boyer 212              
Boyer 214              
Boyer 215              
Boyer 310              
Boyer 311              
Boyer 314              
Boyer 341              
Calhoun Amphitheater              

Unsupported Rooms and Meeting Spaces

This list of rooms is unsupported by Academic Technology Services. For technology questions regarding this room, please contact Conference Services.

  • Commons Conference Rooms
  • Commons Great Room
  • Commons Fireplace Lounge
  • Easton Field
  • Easton Pavilion
  • Kuch Gymnasium
  • Castle 103
  • Dining Complex Faculty/Staff Dining Room
  • Dining Complex Student Eating Area
  • 777 Limekiln Pike - Rooms 213 and 214