Health Record Forms for New Students

Undergraduate Students

Required Arcadia University Student Health Information

For incoming Undergraduates, including Athletes and International Students:  

  • Physical Exam
  • Immunization Record
  • Health History
  • Tuberculosis Risk Assessment 
  • Health Insurance Information


  1. Download the Undergraduate Health Record. The Record contains the Physical Exam and the Immunization forms. Complete the forms and have them signed by your healthcare professional. Arcadia's Student Health Services (SHS) must have signed documents to verify.
    For International Students: Download the International Student Health Record.
  2. Log in to Arcadia’s Student Health Insurance provider’s website to sign-up or waive coverage. Every full-time undergraduate student is charged for health insurance. You must either waive out of Arcadia's coverage by providing your own insurance information or enrolling in our plan. More information on the plan can be found on our Health Insurance Policy page.
  3. You will gain access to the Patient Portal once you have made your deposit for Arcadia. Once you have access, please complete the following tasks before you arrive for New Student Orientation:
    • Upload electronic/scanned copies of your Immunization Form, Medical History Form, and Physical Form as a JPEG or PDF format.
    • Upload electronic/scanned copies of any documentation necessary for verification of your immunizations.  
    • In addition to the documentation, please enter the dates in the space provided under the IMMUNIZATIONS tab. 

How to Upload New Student Health Records

Health Record FAQs

I cannot get into the Patient Portal.

Log on to MyArcadia, which will allow you access to the patient portal.

I cannot enter my immunizations because I don’t have the correct date, my date is month/year and the portal wants month/day/year.

If your immunizations are month/year, just enter "01" as the day, for example, your immunization record states 3/94, enter 03/01/1994.

I don’t have my immunizations; I have moved, my doctor’s office closed/retired/etc.

Your high school or previous college or university should have a record of all your childhood immunizations. If you are unable to access any of your childhood immunization records, ask your doctor to obtain titers to prove immunity.

I can’t get into my doctor’s office until after classes have started at Arcadia. Will I be able to start? Will I be able to move in?

For immunizations other than Meningitis, you will be able to get your room assignment and start classes as scheduled. Students get four notices throughout the beginning of the semester. If you do not become compliant and meet the University requirements, you will be put on “health hold,” which will prevent you from registering for classes in the upcoming semester or studying abroad. 

If you do not have a Meningitis Vaccination or appropriate documentation for immunization exemption, you will be required to receive the vaccination to remain on campus.

My student is an athlete, we have already turned all our forms in?

Student Health Services requires immunization compliance of all students. Student athletes are responsible for turning in required documentation to BOTH ​Athletics and Student Health Services. Athletes can upload the same physical exam required for the Athletic Department. After four notices to obtain records for compliance, students are put on health hold and cannot register for the upcoming semester. 

What If I have medical or religious reasons not to vaccinate?

Immunizations other than Meningitis: Student Health Services requires any student who choosing to not receive medical vaccinations due to medical, religious, or philosophical reasons must present appropriate documentation that is certified by a Religious Leader or Medical Physician. 

Meningitis: Pennsylvania State Law requires college students living on campus to have a Meningitis Vaccination. If you are choosing to waive out of the Meningitis Vaccination due to medical, religious, or philosophical reasons, you must fill out the Meningitis Waiver Form as well as schedule an appointment at Student Health Services in order to go over literature regarding the Meningitis Vaccine.