Counseling Support for First Year Students

With the current COVID-19 status, the transition to college may look and feel very different this year. What is usually a time of excitement may now also be mixed with feelings of uncertainty and worry. We have put together resources that will help you with this transition including tips on how to take care of your mental health in times of uncertainty. We understand this can be a stressful and challenging time, but we are here for you and invite you to reach out to us for support. We recommend that if you are dealing with a personal challenge, to reach out sooner rather than later. We are so glad you have chosen Arcadia and look forward to working with you.

Transitioning to College


Get Inclusive Program

More information coming soon.


Medication Refills

Make sure that you have a few months supply of your prescription while on campus this semester. Avoid running out of medication before you are able to return to your provider at break.


Support System Plan

Identify your support system and talk with them about how you plan to stay in touch this semester. Finding the right balance between connection to home and connection at Arcadia can be challenging and look different for everyone.


Practice Self Care

Make an extra effort to take care of yourself, including making time to rest, eat balanced meals, exercise, and avoid abuse of alcohol or other drugs. Develop a manageable schedule, including identifying your optimal place and time of day to study.


Realistic Expectations

Give yourself some time to adjust. Recognize that relationships take time to develop (e.g. most students' friendships from home formed over a period of years), and that your surroundings will become more familiar over time.


Counseling Toolbox

Information and helpful tools can be found on the Arcadia Counseling Services website. Familiarize yourself with this invaluable resource before classes start.


Downloadable PDF files, websites, and more to help you navigate this difficult time.