Alcohol and Other Drug Program

Our Mission

The Alcohol and Other Drug Program of Arcadia University, as part of the University Counseling Services, addresses the developmental needs of students regarding their choices around the use of mood-altering substances. The program strives to do this by providing the opportunity to increase competency in decision-making in personal use, and in identifying and intervening during high-risk situations in their campus and home communities. Since Study Abroad and crossing cultures are such an integral part of the Arcadia academic experience, the program attempts to integrate components of safety related to substance use, into these sometimes challenging experiences.

This free, confidential, non-judgmental program uses the Public Health Model to examine the biopsychosocial nature of substance use and the potential for its serious personal and relational impacts in the college population. The goal is to prevent and/or minimize long and short-term consequences related to use of a substance.

Program Activities

  • Provide counseling for self-referred students
  • Provide assessment, education and counseling to mandated students
  • Consult with faculty and staff
  • Support the recovering community
  • Provides education on campus
  • Refer students to off-campus resources when necessary
  • Maintains a library of materials to borrow
  • Collaborate with other campus departments to review AOD Policy and procedures; design and implement prevention and intervention strategies
  • Work with regional colleges and universities and local organizations to unify approaches for substance abuse prevention among college students

Make an Appointment

  • Call 215-572-2967 to make a CONFIDENTIAL appointment.
  • The administrative staff will arrange a time that you can meet with a counselor. 
  • If you are calling because you have violated the campus Alcohol and Other Drug Policy, please let the administrative staff know. 

When to Make an Appointment

  • If you or someone you know is affected by substance use.
  • If you have violated the alcohol and other drug policy and are mandated by Student Affairs.
  • If you would like information related to substance use or abuse.
  • If you would like referral information to support groups, outside treatment providers.
  • If you are doing a class project and need some help.

What to Expect

  • A non-judgmental environment to explore your alcohol and other drug use.
  • An assessment done with a counselor, either SASSI or Briefer Drinker.
  • Assess your alcohol consumption patterns, history and related issues.
  • Goals are selected by you and aimed at reducing risky behaviors and harmful consequences of drinking and other drug use.