Art Research Collaboration Exhibition Program

The ARC Exhibition Program provides visual programming derived from the creative and intellectual endeavors of the greater University community. 

The exhibitions produced represent an alternative to the traditional modes of presenting academic research.

The goal is to demonstrate the inherent mutual benefit of cross-disciplinary efforts between the campus art community and other University departments, as well as with other academic institutions, both local and international. 

Harrison Gallery

The Harrison Gallery is an open, highly trafficked exhibition space located near the main entrance of the University Commons. This venue, as well as the Rosedale Gallery, hosts exhibitions created by the Art Research Collaboration (ARC) Exhibition Program.

The ARC program engages with other university departments, local and international educational partners, alumni, and students to present visual information, artifacts, and other academic research-based materials in an art gallery context.

The Harrison Gallery is home to such events as the Juried Student Biennial and the Alumni Spotlight Exhibition. For the past five years it has also hosted the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) Juried Student Art Exhibition, which highlights the art of local high school students.

Commons Art Gallery

Rosedale Gallery

Also in the University Commons, this exhibition venue is located just outside the Great Room, the most popular facility for lectures, performances and other major events on campus. The works featured in this space are selected to function in concert with these events and highlight topics of regional interest. 

Recent exhibitions include Jamar Nicholas: World Building, which presented the process drawings generated by the Philadelphia-based cartoonist and educator in the development of his comic strips and graphic novels. Signpost was a juried presentation of photographs taken by Arcadia students during their international Spring Preview experience.

Great Room Lobby

Judith Taylor Gallery

The Judith Taylor Gallery, located in the Landman Library, is a space dedicated to hosting art exhibitions organized and created by students, either individually, in groups, or as part of a class. Any student currently enrolled in a university art course may sign out the space to present their own work, or curate an exhibition of the work of others.

Propose an Exhibition

Judith Taylor Gallery