Late Knight Programming

About Late Knight Programming

Late Knight provides an additional social options for Arcadia students. Events build a sense of community by engaging students and offering opportunities for their fellow students to connect one another during weekend nights.

In an effort to increase Late Knight programming, the Office of Engagement and New Student Programs is offering recognized student groups the opportunity to apply for grants to help sponsor events open to the Arcadia University community and enhance undergraduate student life.  

Who Qualifies?

Any Student Government Organization (SGO) recognized Arcadia University undergraduate student organization interested in providing Late Knight events focused on and open to all undergraduate students.  If your event is scheduled to begin on or after 9:00pm on Friday or Saturday nights, the event is eligible for a Late Knight Programming Grant.


  • Event must be FREE and OPEN to all AU students. Fundraising is not permitted and monetary donations cannot be accepted.
  • Event must be FUN. The purpose of Late Knights is predominantly social in nature. While there can be a learning component, the focus is on building community and social networking.
  • Event must be FREE FROM ALCOHOL. Alcohol may NOT be served at a Late Knights funded event.

Application Submission Process

Fill out the Late Knight Programming Grant Application

NOTE: Requests must be submitted at least 4 weeks (20 business days) prior to the proposed event. Applications received within 4 weeks of event may not be accepted

You will be contacted by the Campus Activities Programmer to review your request within 3 business days of submission.

After the meeting, applicants will be notified by email within 5 business days whether the Late Knight Programming Grant has been approved, denied, or if additional information is needed.

If a request is denied, the Late Knight Grant will not be provided for the event.

If a request is approved, the applicant will be required to submit:

  • An account number in case of transfer of co-sponsorship funds is required
  • Receipts/invoices for items purchased in connection with the event
  • Event Report Form

Event Publicity and Reporting

Event Advertising

All events receiving funding must be open to the entire student body and all materials, advertisements, event calendar, and social media must clearly state “Late Knights” or include the Late Knights logo. Materials must be approved by the Office of Engagement and New Student Programs prior to implementation.

Event Needs

Depending on the nature of the event and the projected number of attendees, the organization may be required to hire security to staff the event.

In this case, the organization may also be required to have their advisor or another faculty, staff, or administrator present.

If additional information is needed, the group will be notified of status within 5 business days after request is received.  If a request is denied, then the Late Knight Grant will not be provided for the event.

Event Report

When your event is completed, the group must complete the Late Knight Event Report Form. Groups will not be eligible for additional grants until the report forms are completed.