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On this page is information about the Scholarly Communication Initiative here at Arcadia, including local projects, resources, and other items. Although the initiative is only in its beginnings, there are several things already happening. As current projects continue, and new ones are begun, this space will be updated to keep the AU community informed.


Arcadia’s institutional digital repository of scholarship from faculty, students and staff. We are currently working on growing this repository with faculty works, as well as faculty-reviewed student works and home-grown scholarly journals. 

Scholarly Communication Faculty Steering Committee

This committee is comprised of faculty from various disciplines, with the goal of highlighting and making accessible the collective scholarly output of the Arcadia community. The committee has been charged by Dr. Jeanne Buckley, Associate Dean of Library Services and Instructional Technology, to proactively address the evolving scholarly publishing landscape, and develop recommendations for the Arcadia community, which may include a University Center to deliver a core set of scholarly communication services.

Committee Members 2014-2015:
  • Adam Hess [Co-Chair] (Assistant Professor & Digital Resources Librarian)
  • Calvin Wang [Co-Chair] (Assistant Professor & Sciences Librarian)
  •  Jonathan Church (Director, Cultural Anthropology)
  • Manny Curotto (Chair, Chemistry and Physics)
  • Michael Dwyer (Associate Professor, Communications)
  • Kalenda Eaton (Associate Professor, English; Director, Global Learning)
  • Phil McClure (Chair, Department of Physical Therapy)
  • John Noakes (Associate Provost)
  • Nancy Rosoff (Dean of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies)
  • Daniel Schall (Director, Writing Center)
  • Amy Widestrom (Assistant Professor, HAPS)