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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a lending service offered through Landman Library to provide members of Arcadia’s community with the opportunity to request and borrow materials not available through our campus’ collection. Books, full-text journal articles and media not owned by Landman Library or found in a subscribed online resource may be requested through this service.

Interlibrary Loan services are only available to Arcadia faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students. 

NOTE: During the COVID-19 pandemic, both the Landman Library and many of our ILL partner libraries are operating at reduced capacity. Please allow extra time for your ILL requests. Articles and book chapters may take two weeks or more to be filled; book loan requests may take a month or even longer.


Accessing Tipasa

To log into Tipasa use your Arcadia credentials. From the Tipasa patron portal, users will be able to place direct ILL requests, view the status of active requests, view due dates and overdue information, and place renewals when available. The portal also issues notifications to patrons regarding delivery of materials, due dates and overdue notices, and other communication regarding your requests.

We recommend using either the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser with Tipasa; there are known compatibility issues with Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari.

Placing Requests

There are two ways to place an ILL request with Tipasa: directly through your Tipasa patron portal or via a link out from an online resource (where available)

Direct requests

Depending on the material, a patron can fill out one of three forms: book, article, and other. Each form requires specific information regarding not only the patron but the item being requested. Please provide as much information in the request as possible as it will give us the best opportunity to find the appropriate materials.

Via Online Resources (where available)

Providers such as EBSCO, ProQuest, Ovid, and Sage have employed OpenURL technology to allow auto-populating of the Tipasa request form. Look for a "Request via ILL @ Arcadia" link or similar when viewing an article citation in one of these resources.

PLEASE NOTE: Because ILL requests are tied to each individual patrons’ Arcadia account it is important that requests NEVER be submitted for another patron through your personal account.

Different versions of articles

When we sent out your request for a journal article, we ask our lending partners to send only the final* published version of that article (the "Version of Record"). Journal articles often appear in pre-publication forms such as pre-prints or uncorrected proofs, and these are often diferent than the typeset, proofread, published version. You will occasionally see articles published as an "epub ahead of print" for digital editions of journals. (* some articles may have corrections or updates published after the version of record is published; those changes are most often later included in digital versions of those articles.)

Articles may also be published as freely available Open Access (OA) articles in both e-journals and in institutional repositories, although there is no universal standard for which version will be published as OA. If we locate a suitable version of an OA article, we will email you a link to it instead of sending your request uo to lending libraries. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about article versions.

Collecting and Receiving ILL Materials

When physical copies of requested materials arrive and have been processed, the patron will receive a notification informing them that the ILL request is ready to pick up. Physical materials can be retrieved at the Circulation Desk in Landman Library by presenting a photo ID (ex. Your Arcadia ID).

Electronic copies of full-text articles will be sent through your Tipasa patron portal where they can be accessed and downloaded. Once articles have been received, they may be accessed a total of five times within 30 days before the link expires. 

Any request for materials already owned by the library will be denied. If you are having issues accessing our physical or subscribed online resources, please contact a librarian for assistance. 

Overdue or Lost ILL Materials

Requesters are responsible for paying any replacement fees that accumulate from overdue or lost materials. Once an invoice has been issued by a lending library, the patron has three days to return the material before the fees are charged to their Arcadia account. 

The Interlibrary Loan staff works hard to keep requests moving at a steady pace. However, it is important to know that ILL also requires the cooperation of the lending libraries as well. We ask for your patience in the process and if you do not receive any communication regarding the requested materials within two weeks, please contact the ILL department at