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Copyright Issues

Examples of how to reuse safely and, on the flip side, ensure your work is protected



Those of broad interest to AU community members

For Students  A little lighter, a little more popular in content

For Faculty  A little substantive, a little more scholarly in content

For Everyone  A little broader, a little more varied in content


Case Studies

Cases that have arisen at AU



An issue that isn't really copyright but gets confused easily

Plagiarism Defined  Important for its academic significance

Avoiding It  Getting it right takes understanding and practice

What Plagiarism is Not  Equally important for avoiding misunderstanding

Proper Attribution and the Internet  An issue that's easy to get wrong

Plagiarism Checkers  Tools for helping to get it right

Citation Generators  A different type of tool for helping to get it right

Plagiarism vs. Copyright Infringement  What's the difference?