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Copyright Concepts

Some of the most common and important themes surrounding copyright


Copyright Basics

Get started on understanding copyright.

Copyright Defined  What it is and the significance of the author versus the owner

What Can Be Copyrighted  A few explicit examples according to US Copyright Law

Copyright Protection  Obtaining it is a lot less complex than you think.

Copyright Registration  Not required, but valuable


Fair Use

A provision for using a work with reduced concern of infringement

Fair Use Defined  What it is and why to care

Examples of Fair Use  What US Copyright Law details

The Four Factors  Figuring out what might be fair beyond the details

Using the Four Factors  Ways to think about application

Fair Use Guidelines  There are no bright lines between legal and illegal no matter what some might say


Public Domain

Works that aren't under any copyright protection

Public Domain Defined  What it is and why to care

What is in the Public Domain?  Examples for deepening understanding

What is Not in the Public Domain?  Equally important for avoiding misunderstanding

Finding Public Domain Works  Ways to make more of this type of work


International Copyright

What copyright protection looks like across borders

Basics  There's really no such thing as international copyright law, but...

The Berne Convention  One of the most important international copyright treaties