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The Copyright Desk

The stopping point for information about copyright issues, both general and specific to Arcadia University.

Copyright is a complex subject.

The Copyright Desk website will help you understand the complexities better without going too deep.


Copyright Concepts

Some of the most common and important themes surrounding copyright

Basics  Get started on understanding copyright

Fair Use  Ways that copyrighted works can get used without the risk of infringement

Public Domain  Works that aren't under any copyright protection

International Copyright  What copyright protection looks like across borders


Copyright Issues

Examples of how to reuse safely and, on the flip side, ensure your work is protected

Articles  Those of broad interest to AU community members

Case Studies  Cases that have arisen within AU

Plagiarism  An issue that isn't really copyright but gets confused easily


Copyright Users

Everyone is a user of copyrighted work. Here’s what you have to consider.

Uses of Copyrighted Works  Derivative works vs. transformative works

Works Almost Free of Copyrights  How user licenses can affect copyright issues


Copyright Authors

Everyone is an author of copyrighted work. Here’s what you have to consider.

AU Authors  How Arcadia University looks at different institutional community members

Types of Copyrighted Works  What is and is not able to be copyrighted


Copyright Resources

What else is available to help understand the complexities?

Tools  Fair Use Analysis Tool, Public Domain Slider

Websites  Other good copyright websites, including the US Copyright Office and Creative Commons

Primary Sources  US Constitution, Copyright Law in the US Code, and more

Glossary  A dictionary specifically for copyright as referenced through this site