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Databases are the workhorses of journal article searching. Since research topics can be in found in many different disciplines and in a huge number of journals, using the right database to search across the appropriate variety of journals is crucial.

Read the descriptions and experiment with the ones on this page to learn which are best for your given search effort. What's right for one search effort might not be for another.

If you already have in mind a database that will be best for your search effort and don't see it on this page, check All Databases.


Top Databases

PubMed  Go-to resource for many health science professionals. Paid for by text dollars rather than tuition, it’s one that will be accessible after completion of the TDPT program. A large and very comprehensive database that is an excellent place to conduct health science literature research. It searches the MEDLINE database and other journals in health science-related fields. Use this link rather than the link through a Google search to easily see many articles AU subscribes to. Learn the steps in Can't Find Full-text? to help find anything else among AU’s subscriptions that PubMed doesn’t provide free access to.

Biomedical Reference Collection  Compare to PubMed. Contains over 4,000 full-text journals covering a variety of disciplines ranging from biomedicine and health sciences to the health care system and pre-clinical sciences.

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews*  "Cochrane" is well-regarded, regularly updated collection of review articles on many medical topics. Use EBM Reviews* to search other providers of reviews simultaneously.

DARE*  The Databases of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects is a collection of review articles from the international Center for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD). They focus on the evaluation of the effects of health care interventions and the delivery and organization of health services. Use EBM Reviews* to search other providers of reviews simultaneously.

MEDLINE  This comprehensive database of medical and related articles can be accessed through several different search interfaces with PubMed being the best known.

CINAHL  "Sin'-all" was developed from the Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Science Literature, a legacy, print-based tool. Most journals indexed in this database can be found using PubMed.

For health education journals, try the databases in the Other Databases section below.


Next Databases

ClinicalKey*  A decision-support tool designed for medical clinicians with a variety of clinical resources. It has over 650 journals, 1,100 medical reference books, instructional videos, practice guidelines, medical images, and abstracts from the MEDLINE database.

ScienceDirect*  Scholarly articles from scientific, technical, and medical journals. A product of the major academic publisher Elsevier.

Journals@Ovid*  Scholarly articles from scientific, technical, and medical journals.

EBM Reviews*  Evidence-based medicine (EBM) reviews of articles on many health science topics. This resource searches multiple sources simultaneously:


Other Databases

Academic Search Ultimate*  A large, academically multidisciplinary article database that is a very good place to start a scholarly literature search.

Web of Science: Science Citation Index*  The premier database for literature searches in many fields. Includes citations and abstractions from tens of thousands journals.

WorldCat  A huge database of books and other materials found in libraries across the U.S. and worldwide that you can borrow using Interlibrary Loan.

Psychology Webpage  A list of Landman Library's mental and behavioral health databases.


Can't Find Full-text?

No journal database provides access to every article you can find in them. But we may have a subscription to your journal through a different database. Learn the steps to find out which that might be and how to get articles to journals we don't even subscribe to.


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