Landman Library

Subject Guide: Instructional Technology

Subject Specific Databases

ERIC. 1996 - present. Contains citations and abstracts (and occasional full-text) for journals and other material related to education research. Created by the Department of Education, the database covers a wide range of subjects in the field of education. 

General/ Related Databases

Academic Search Premier. Some full-text, 1970s – present. More than 4,500 journals on all different subjects: psychology, business, education, chemistry, and more. Academic Search Premier Tutorial.

Sage Premier. Full text, 1960 - present. Full-text of all 500 journals published by Sage. Includes journals in international relations, education, sociology, business, and more.

E-Books on Instructional Technology

Video Tutorial on Finding E-Books in the Library Catalog

Encyclopedia of Distance Learning. Idea Group, 2005

Assessing the Value of E-Learning Systems by Yair Levy. Information Science Publishing, 2006

Cases on Global E-learning Practices by Ramesh C. Sharma. IGI-Global, 2007

Authentic Learning Environments in Higher Education by Tony and Jan Herrington. IGI Global, 2006

Enhancing Learning Through Technology. Information Science Publishing, 2006

Instructional Design: Case Studies in Communities of Practice. Information Science Publishing, 2007

Making the Transition to E-Learning. Idea Group, 2006

Online Assessment and Measurement. Information Science Publishing, 2006

Handbook of Research on Literacy in Technology at the K-12 Level. Idea Group 

Instructional Technology Websites

Encyclopedia of Educational Technology. Short articles on key topics, with links to references. Created by faculty and grad students at San Diego State University.

Distance Education Clearinghouse. Links to articles arranged by topic: distance learning, technology, statistics, policy, and learning environment.

Technology in Education. From the North Central Regional Education Laboratory . Research studies on online learning and technology in schools.

e-Learning Centre. Links to articles and reports on online learning tools and methods.

American Distance Education Consortium. Links related to teaching tools, curriculum standards, and other topics.

Illinois Online Network. Articles and case studies related to online education tools and instructional design.