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About ScholarWorks, Arcadia’s Institutional Repository

ScholarWorks@Arcadia collects the research and scholarship of Arcadia University in a single place to raise the profile of the university and its researchers. It also organizes the scholarship from departments, colleges, research centers, and faculty into a cohesive whole while highlighting the individual contributions. As an online open access institutional repository, ScholarWorks@Arcadia increases the impact of the scholarship it collects by making it freely available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The role of academic libraries has long been to preserve the scholarly record of universities. ScholarWorks@Arcadia extends that role into the digital age by preserving the digital scholarly record of Arcadia University for future generations. The institutional repository also showcases: journal articles, book chapters, books, graduate and undergraduate works, conference proceedings and presentations, working papers and pre-prints, technical reports, images, videos, audio files, and more.

ScholarWorks@Arcadia also has e-publishing capabilities for open access journals and can organize and preserve AU hosted conferences.

For more information about submitting your work to the repository, visit the