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PH Subject Guide

Use the Public Health subject guide pages to find resources to support literature research.


Databases are the workhorses of journal article searching. Since research topics can be in found in many different disciplines and in a huge number of journals, using the right database to search across the appropriate variety of journals is crucial.

Read the descriptions and experiment with the ones on this page to learn which are best for your given search effort. What's right for one search effort might not be for another.

If you already have in mind a database that will be best for your search effort and don't see it on this page, check All Databases.


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PH Articles

Databases  Links and descriptions for Top Journal Databases like PubMed and Biomedical Reference Collection* and others to find journal articles in Public Health.

Journals  Access journals like American Journal of Public Health* and Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health* and read advice on finding more.


Can't Find Full-text?

1. Sometimes you have a citation in hand for an article.
2. Sometimes a journal database or internet browser doesn’t provide full-text.
Learn the steps to find another database where it might be.
Get articles to journals we don't even subscribe to with Interlibrary Loan*.


PH Books

Links and descriptions for Public Health Books from AMA (Manual of Style)*, Ebook Central* (Proquest), EBSCO Ebooks* (eBook Collection), and others.


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PH Websites

Links and descriptions for Public Health Websites like Arcadia University's Graduate and Undergraduate Degree Program Options and professional organization websites.