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Subject Guide: Educational Leadership

Subject Specific Databases

ERIC.1996 - present. Contains citations and abstracts (and occasional full-text) for journals and other material related to education research. Created by the Department of Education, the database covers a wide range of subjects in the field of education.

Playlist of video tutorials on how to search ERIC.

ATLAS  Provides a library of authentic cases of accomplished teaching practice indexed to common teaching and learning frameworks across a wide variety of classroom settings.

General/ Related Databases


Sage Premier  Over 800 journals published by Sage., including journals in international relations, education, sociology, business, and more.

Academic Search Ultimate  Robust bibliographic database with over 10,000 active full-text journals and magazines, over 9,000 active full-text peer-reviewed journals, and over 6,500 active full-text peer-reviewed journals with no embargo, in subjects including Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Psychology, Religion, Philosophy, Science, and Technology.

OmniFile Full-Text Mega  Covers several core subjects, featuring full-text articles from more than 3,000 publications, many of which are peer-reviewed. Additional coverage includes graphical content, podcasts, foreign language article translations, and downloadable mp3 and article read alouds.

EBook Central Browse and access thousands of ebook titles.

Web of Science  The premier database for literature searches in many fields. Includes citations and abstractions from tens of thousands journals. Includes: 

Leadership Reference Books