Preview for First-Year and Transfer Students

Since its inception in 1994, Arcadia's unique Preview program has encouraged nearly 8,000 students to challenge ideas and boundaries, pursue new interests, and explore study abroad options in cultural hubs around the world.

Classes meet weekly on campus during the spring semester for our two-credit Preview courses, which culminate in week-long field studies abroad. This year, students explored 12 locations around the world.


Full-time, matriculated first-year and transfer students—in good academic and disciplinary standing—can participate in Preview the spring after they enroll. Learn more about registration, costs, course approval, and more.

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Student Perspectives

Preview Experience

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"Our conversation over barbecued pork and chicken feet on a skewer made me realize that though our governments are vastly different, we as people have much in common and a lot we could learn from each other."

An Adventure Made in China

"If “future me” came to visit myself senior year of high school and told me that I would transfer colleges and take a trip to Vietnam, I would have thought it was some kind of joke. But that’s exactly what happened."

I Can't Believe I Did That

"I chose this course for a reason: I knew that it was a history and culture that I was blind to, and I wanted to understand more about pressing issues elsewhere in the world."

Preview Broadens My Perspective of the World

Frequently Asked Questions

Preview classes begin in the Spring term, and field study travel is planned for March 2022. Any questions regarding Preview can be directed to Global Engagement.

Who is eligible?

Full-time, matriculated first-year students and full-time transfer students who enter the University in spring, summer or fall participate in Preview during the following spring semester.  You must maintain good academic and disciplinary standing prior to departure.

How do I sign up and choose a course?

If eligible, you will be notified by email in early fall about online registration.  You will need to indicate your top three preferences. You will be asked to write a brief personal statement which explains your interest in a particular course and your statements will be reviewed and considered as part of your placement.  You will receive specific details about deadlines and payment by email.

Do I get credit for Preview courses?

Students completing Preview courses will earn two credits. Individual faculty lead the curriculum. Preview is open to first-year and transfer students in all majors.

How much does Preview cost and what does it cover?

Preview program fees are $795. The fee covers air and ground transportation, programmed events, accommodations, and some meals. 

You are responsible for passport/visa fees, meals, and incidental expenses including the cost of a passport (and visa, where applicable), lunch, dinner, souvenirs, and individual activities. Costs will vary among sites, but $50 per day is a modest budget. Past students report spending $250 to $500, depending on their habits and preferences. 


Global Engagement

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