Proposing a Global Field Study Course

Arcadia faculty and staff are encouraged to submit new proposals for Global Field Study courses. A well-planned Global Field Study course will successfully bring together academic content and field experiences. 

Global Field Study (GFS) consists of 4-credit full semester courses which include an off-campus field study typically lasting 1-4 weeks in the middle or at the end of the semester. Most GFS courses run in the spring semester, with travel in May; a few fall courses will travel in winter break (usually January).  GFS courses are open to juniors and seniors, as well as graduate students.  Sophomores may participate with instructor approval.  Depending on the level (graduate or undergraduate), a GFS course bears 3 or 4 credits.  Students pay a travel fee from which all operating costs and faculty/staff costs are allocated.  Eligible students complete an application in the semester prior to the course and travel portion. Travel fees vary by location and length of field study, and usually range between about $1,800-$4,700. 

GFS courses successfully integrate experiential learning theory with classroom learning and field experience.  Faculty articulate specific learning goals for each GFS and appropriate assessment is conducted to measure learning outcomes.  The GFS curriculum is designed to support the specific course goals while capitalizing on the distinctive learning opportunities created by the travel component and host environment.  Student work is supervised and evaluated by faculty and should be an appropriate workload for a 3 graduate or 4 credit undergraduate course.

Global Field Study courses allow students to fit international study into their academic calendars in a different way than a semester abroad.  Students earn credit, explore new cultures and study a specific theme through hands-on field studies.  Arcadia faculty who organize and deliver the courses are passionate about their research and the field experiences they can share with students.  GFS courses provide dynamic interactions between students and faculty in a small class setting with support from faculty and the Global Engagement team.  GFS courses can complement other study abroad/away experiences or provide experiential academic field study opportunities to students who would not be able to study abroad for a semester for curricular, financial or personal reasons.

Like all study abroad/away opportunities with Arcadia, health and safety seminars for students detail the risk management protocols, health insurance for the travel portion of the course when applicable, and support for student success throughout the course.

Teaching faculty and staff must have:

  • The ability to develop curriculum and provide instruction
  • Experience in the host location
  • Experience leading student groups
  • The support of their chair or supervisor
  • Completed one year of employment at Arcadia

Those interested in proposing are encouraged to contact Global Engagement prior to submitting to discuss their ideas. A call for Global Field Study courses will go out two semesters prior.

Proposal Forms and Resources