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Fall 2022 Global Field Study Course

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Please note that travel locations, dates, and fees are subject to change. see Global Field Study page for FAQs and more information. 

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It is expected that all participants in university-sponsored domestic or international travel will be compliant with the University's Interim COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. Those who have not complied with the Policy will be ineligible to participate in such travel. Those who have complied with the Policy by securing an approved exemption from the vaccination requirement based on a medical condition or religious belief may face some limitations on travel based on factors such as, but not limited to, safety risk to unvaccinated travelers and/or restrictions on unvaccinated travelers at the travel destination, which may not allow for exemptions or which may impose additional requirements that are not the same as the University's. The specific circumstances of the travel will be evaluated by the Travel Advisory Committee. Before applying to participate in travel programs, individuals with questions related to vaccination status should contact

GFS 308 Dominica

Travel Location: Roseau, Dominica
Instructors: Thomas Brinker and Meg Nolan
Meeting Time: Tuesday 2:10-3:50pm
Travel Dates: approx 1/3 thru 1/11/23 (subject to change)
Travel Fee Range: $2,795-$2,995
AUC Fulfillment: GCE/GCR, CB

This fall class begins in October and runs until March, studying the history, politics, economics, and artistic heritage of Dominica. It is not intended for tourists, but rather for individuals with a sincere interest in learning about and interacting with people and events in another culture. In January, we plan to travel to the Capitol, Roseau, and throughout Dominica during our visit.

In the event that travel does not proceed as planned, this course will be offered in person with interactive virtual experiences. AUC designations will remain in place, and a significantly reduced course fee will apply. 

Open to sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students


Helfpul Information

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