College of Arts and Sciences

IPCR Capstone Project

Bringing It All Together

All students conduct a Thesis and Capstone Project during the final semester of the program. The Capstone Project gives you the opportunity to integrate your theory and coursework with your internships and field experiences in a professional project. The project typically takes the form of a policy analysis, a stakeholder assessment, or a program plan, although an individually-designed project that reflects your specific career objective(s) is possible as well. Capstone students meet in a weekly seminar class where faculty provide feedback and support.

Capstone Project Examples

  • The Kurdish Question in Turkey: A Conflict Assessment
  • Terrorism in Africa: A Stakeholder Analysis of Boko Haram’s Insurgence in Nigeria
  • Germany’s Refugee Policy Leadership in the EU
  • Promoting a Peaceful Resolution to the Yemen War
  • Red-Kite Project Training of Trainers: A Program Proposal   
  • Regaining Agency: Domestic and International Psychological First Aid
  • Private to Public: A Workshop on Understanding Gender Bias in Our Community