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Psychology FAQs

Some Questions You Might Have About Our Psychology Program

What makes the Arcadia psychology major special?

Our program centers on “evidence-based” (or research-based) practice, the recognized standard in psychology and other health-care professions, providing unmatched opportunities to collect and evaluate your own evidence, exciting possibilities to present and even publish your findings and well-grounded people skills that will distinguish you in any career.

How flexible is the psychology major at Arcadia?

With Arcadia's study tracks, you can define your goals and focus on your future.

  • Core Liberal Arts: Outcomes include jobs in marketing, healthcare, communications, or business
  • Pre-Professional: Positions in art or music therapy, school psychology or counseling, and social work
  • Ph.D.: A foundation for teaching, research and other professional careers in psychology

Can I study abroad as a psychology major at Arcadia?

Our program includes opportunities to study abroad at some of the top universities around the world. Psychology majors are encouraged to study abroad. You may study abroad during the summer or during your sophomore or junior years. Study abroad is not permitted during the senior year because of the required yearlong Psychology internship.

What is the specific focus of the psychology program at Arcadia?

The Psychology Department at Arcadia is committed to the idea of evidence-based psychology. We teach our majors first and foremost that ideas in psychology cannot be judged by their intuitive appeal or by the status of the person proposing them. Instead, as in all the natural sciences, ideas in psychology need to be judged based on the weight of the research evidence. Consequently, we stress critical thinking about theories and research throughout our major.

How can I conduct actual research with faculty?

We require all of our students to complete at least four semesters of original data-gathering research and provide opportunities to conduct and publish research with faculty as a core part of the Senior Capstone research project.

What is the Senior Seminar course at Arcadia?

The two-semester Senior Seminar sequence represents the final capstone experience that completes the Psychology major. This is an opportunity for the student to integrate and apply what has been learned in previous coursework and to demonstrate the skills learned through completing an internship, writing and presenting a senior thesis and preparing for future study or the world of work.

How can I get help deciding what courses to take?

Arcadia's flexible Psychology program offers multiple ways to tailor the program to suit your professional and educational goals. As a psychology student, you will receive one-on-one advising throughout your time at Arcadia which allows you to custom-tailor the major to suit your career goals.

What can I do post-graduation with a degree in psychology?

Students who choose our Core Liberal Arts track might have careers in marketing, healthcare, communications, or business.

Our Pre-Professional track is designed for students who want to pursue a specialized profession in fields such as school psychology, art therapy, music therapy, psychiatric social work, and school counseling or guidance.

The Ph.D. track is specifically geared to prepare you for entrance into Ph.D. programs for post-secondary teaching, clinical or counseling psychology, research, or other specialized areas of psychology.

What is the Pre-Art Therapy track?

You can combine Psychology and Art Therapy courses in preparation for your graduate study. (See Art Therapy Emphasis.) Choose from the following program options:

  • B.A. in Psychology with an Art Therapy emphasis
  • B.A. in Art and Design with an Art Therapy Emphasis, plus coursework in Psychology
  • Earn both a B.A. in Art and Design and a B.A. in Psychology with an Art Therapy Emphasis as a double major

What kinds of careers are possible with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology?

Psychologists work with individuals in a variety of fields including business, medicine and law.

The American Psychological Association website ( contains a wealth of information about what psychologists do and where they work. You can download a brochure on careers in psychology at